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Choosing Unique Erasers With Little Residual Mess

Most parents know already that kids tend to lose all kinds of small objects, especially once they head to school. They lose pens, pencils and especially rubbers. With time, it becomes annoying to buy new stuff every week, not to mention about the costs that add up. Instead of arguing about such things, it might be a better idea to focus in a different direction. Buying unique erasers shaped like animals, cars or food is definitely a smart option. When kids love their stuff, they will probably take better care of it. Besides, knowing that they have something unique can help them learn how to appreciate small things in life. Aside from these beautiful erasers found in a few stores, do pay attention to the actual functionality too. For more details visit Products

Factors that determine an eraser's functionality

There are a few different things that can dictate how functional an eraser is. The residual mess is one of them. If you remember your elementary school days, you used to vigorously rub in order to erase the graphite, only to end up with a mountain of eraser bits. You had the same issues while preparing homeworks as well. On a different note, you do not want a lot of eraser residue to get stuck to the paper either. In an ideal case, the residue should clump together. Clearing it is piece of cake. Obviously, a high quality eraser should not leave too much residue anyway. Instead, it must clear the graphite without losing any volume.