By: JS


  • The Cheetah is a mammal.
  • It has Fur and Dots.
  • An adult Cheetah can weight 21kg to 72kg and is 110cm to 150cm long(wiki,3).
  • Cheetahs communicate with growls,hisses and bleats(wiki,5.2).
  • After a long run following a prey, it sometimes needs between thirty to sixty minutes of resting before it can run again(wiki,3)

Food And Habitat

  • Eats mammals under 40 kg For Example: Thompson, gazelle,grant's gazelle,springbok and impala (wiki, 5.3).
  • Finds food in Iran and India (wiki, 5.3).
  • A carnivore(wiki 1).
  • Is a Predator, It hunts Mammals under 40 kg(wiki, 3).
  • Lives in India,Asia,Africa(wiki,4).
  • Lives in the Plain and savannas(wiki, 5.1)
  • The Cheetah lives in dry areas(wiki 4)
  • Lives in the open fields(wiki 4)


  • Can run extremely fast to avoid stronger predators, eats immediately after killing its prey to avoid any fights over the food.
  • Teeth are extremely sharp for biting the prey's neck and eating him faster.
  • Has claws, they are very sharp.
  • It is the fastest animal on land. It reaches the speed of 112 to 120 kilometer

Reason for endagerment

  • Decline in prey, hunter kill the cheetah's food
  • Loss at habitat
  • The babies get killed in an illegal way