Emigrate to Minnesota

Hurry Up Before Land Runs Out!

The weather here is great, always sunny and beautiful! it is easy to get here, try taking a steamboat, or, if you get sea sick, look into a ox cart or maybe even a train! Steamboats arrive every day, so any day you get pushed over the edge, just give us a call at the best state there is, Minnesota!!

This is the nicest land around - lakes everywhere, lots of trees and wide open spaces for you and your family to have lots of fun. Come to the most beautiful place in America!

There is No Getting Sick!

Everybody here in Minnesota is always happy and willing. No complaints about anybody being grumpy or even sad!!!! Why? Because in Minnesota, the harsh winter kills allt he germs so there is no ague or fever! Not only is Minnesota safe in that way, but there hasn't been a single murder in 10 YEARS! Not only that we also grant you 5% on all sales, and claims can be made by rich and poor! So come quick!