Kinder Corner

What's New With Kindergarten! Week 11

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Kindergarten Thanksgiving Snack

Our Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast is approaching, and we need your help. We are learning about how the Pilgrims and Native Americans of the first Thanksgiving had to work together and communicate in order to plan the feast and prepare the food for the first Thanksgiving. We plan to do the same! Please send a sandwich-size bag filled with any one treat listed below by Thursday, November 18th. We will combine each individual child’s contribution to create a community snack. Please avoid products containing nuts when purchasing your contribution. We are thankful to have such wonderful, supportive parents!

Please send one sandwich-sized bag labeled with your child's name and full of any of the following by Thursday, November 18th:

· Any nut-free cereal

· Raisins

· Plain M&M’s

· Chocolate chips

· Butterscotch chips

· Popped popcorn

· Pretzels

· Goldfish

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Pony Point Store Donations Needed!

Your child loves shopping at the Pony Point Store, which is a well-deserved reward for positive behavior. We had a shopping session this morning and noticed that we are running low on treasure box trinkets. In order to make Pony Point Store a success for your child, please consider donating small toys and trinkets for them to "buy" with their Pony Points. Some examples include small yo-yo's, fun erasers, pens, necklaces, rings, cars, etc. Thank you for being so supportive!
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Veteran's Day Program

All grade levels will be performing at the Veteran's Day Program on Wednesday, November 11th at 8:00 in the gym. Please feel free to invite any Veterans you know...we would love to thank them for their service!

Thanksgiving Break November 23-27

Enjoy your week off for Thanksgiving!

Curriculum Corner

Language Arts/Social Studies:

-Letter: Ii

-HFW: go

- Word Family: __ot


Social Studies:


-Good citizenship




-recognizing and writing numbers


Observing the Sky