1.1 Classroom News!!!!!

From Ms. Jordan Week of 2-10-14

News and Announcements!

*This past Monday was the 100th day of school and we have a VERY fun day. The kids were SO well behaved. Also EVERY SINGLE STUDENT brought in a 100s day project. That is AMAZING! They all had the chance to stand up in front of the class and share their project. Then I took pictures and they are going outside on our bulletin board to last for at least another month. We did a very fun activity with Ms. Wilson's kindergarten class. The first graders of 1.1 were teachers for the afternoon! They went on a scavenger hunt to find all 100 numbers. Since not all kindergartens know how to read all the numbers up to 100, the 1st graders were their teachers to help them be successful at the activity. I must say that we have some WONDERFUL teachers in our classroom! Possibly a future career? However, what I wanted to say is a BIG THANK YOU to you and your child for making hundreds day a success and extremely special. The pictures from 100s day will be included in this newsletter and once I put up the bulletin board I will take a picture of that and upload it as well.

*Saturday, February 8th is the PTA sponsored Welcome to ISP Barbeque! Even if you are not new to ISP this will be a wonderful event with music, dancing, new friends, old friends, and family. I WILL be attending so PLEASE come! I would LOVE to see you all there! More details will be included in this newsletter as well.

There is no swimming this quarter. Therefore, your children will no longer need to wear their swimsuits under their clothes, bring their swim bag, towel, goggles, and swim caps. They will be back to regular PE classes.

*Please send a healthy snack with your child every day.

*Homework packets are being completed and turned in to me! That is AWESOME! I have received almost all of them for 1-20 and ALL of them for 1-27. Please make sure to have your child do their homework even if you need to take more time on it than 1 week. I am not worried about the due date, instead I want your child to be getting the extra practice. If the homework is WAY too hard for your child, please email me and let me know. Together we can come up with a solution so that they are still able to get the extra practice. Homework should be something your child should be able to complete with a large amount of independence. Again, please let me know if that is not the case.

*Please make sure your child brings their library books back to school by Friday of each week or they WILL NOT be able to check out a new library book on Friday.

*Also, make sure your child bring back their take home books each day. If they forget, no problem! Have them return the book to my classroom library the following day.

*If you are having a birthday party and you are not inviting ALL the girls or ALL the boys in the class then the invitations may not be passed out at school or by me. You need to contact the people you are inviting by bringing the invitation to their apartment or by contacting them by phone or electronically. Otherwise not everyone in the class feels included and there are hurt feelings. Please make sure to follow this school policy.

*LAST REMINDER! If your child is taking a different bus than usual or you are picking your child up, please contact the elementary office. I CANNOT send your child to a different location without a note from the office. THANK YOU!

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PTA Welcome BBQ

Saturday, Feb. 8th, 11pm

International School Of Panama, Panama

Panama, Panama

Who: Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff

What: Welcome to ISP Barbeque

When: February 8th (Next Saturday)

Where: ISP Campus

Why: To promote school spirit and give a special welcome to our new families!

Targets for Next Week (Our Goals):

These goals are based on the Common Core Standards, and have been

written in 1st grade friendly language. The expectation is that each student

will reach the following goals by the end of the unit.

Literacy: Around the World with a Glass Slipper

Oral Language/Listening Skills

I can use adjectives.


I can ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

I can retell a story including key details.

I can describe characters, setting, and major events in a story using

key details.

I can compare and contrast two different texts and make text to text



I can write a narrative with a correct sequence of events.

I can use adjectives to describe characters and setting.

Math: Unit 5

I can recite doubles facts and addition facts with sums of 10.

I can use addition and subtraction facts to solve “what’s my rule”


I can find and describe rules in my “what’s my rule” problem.

Social Studies: Geography

I can read a map by understanding the symbols and the compass.

I can identify and describe different landforms.

Words, Words, Words, Oh My!


These are the words your child will be learning in school this week. Any additional

exposure to these words at home will help your child have a better understanding of

their meaning.

Students should be familiar with these words, but they are not for the spelling test.

Social Studies









doubles facts

ten sums

function machine







sequence of events





compare and contrast

Popcorn Words:












This coming week we are doing a review of the 2 vowel patterns we have already learned. We have covered: ai, oa, and ea. Please review these types of words with your child and go over the rule of "When 2 vowels go walking, the first one does the talking." You can help your child find words with these patterns ANYWHERE! In the books they take home every night, newspaper, internet, etc. Point them out to them and ask them to read those words and tell you the pattern.

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Home Fun!

I promise that this is the last time I will embed the link to this video. However, we have started singing it in class to help with transition time so having your child watch it additional times will help. I know they LOVE it also. Next week we will be talking about double addition facts. For example, 5 + 5 = 10, 6 + 6 = 12, etc. Here is a cool video you can have your child watch at home to get ready for this math lesson. We will also be watching this in school. Again, if you have ANY questions feel free to email me. Hope to see you at the BBQ on Saturday! My email is jrjordan@isp.edu.pa. Have a wonderful weekend!


Julie Jordan

Doubles! Doubles! 6 10 version
Between the Lions: "When Two Vowels Go Walking"
I Can Add Doubles