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Travis High School Faculty Newsletter - January 21, 2019


Monday, January 21

MLK, Jr. Day - No School!

Tuesday, January 22

TIGER TUESDAY: Wear GREEN for Mental Health Awareness!

Boys Basketball: v Elkins @THS 4, 5:30, 7

Girls Basketball: @ Elkins 4, 5:30, 7

Girls Soccer: @ Tompkins 5:00, 7:00

Boys Soccer: vs. Paetow @ THS 4:30, 6:30

Wednesday, January 23

College Wear Wednesday

Department Meetings - details from Dept Leaders

Good Luck to TENNIS at Tournaments!

Thursday, January 24

Deadline to Submit FBEF Grant (see below)

Friday, January 25

Action Item: Deadline: Deadline to Sign Up for Table at Course Selection Night - Click Here - please be sure your departments, teams, clubs, and student groups are represented!

Fridays We Wear RED! - Don't forget to give points in Advisory!

Senior Panoramic - 10:00 AM

Boys Basketball: @ Dulles 4:00, 5:30, 7:00

Girls Basketball: v Dulles @THS 4:00, 5:30, 7:00

Girls Soccer: v Elkins @THS 5:00, 7:00

Boys Soccer: @Elkins 4:30, 6:30

Saturday, January 26

Swim: District Meet @ Don Cook Natatorium 11:00

A big TIGER Shout Out to Coach Brownson and Mrs. Bolanos for being the first teachers to write Positive Office Referrals this semester! We LOVE recognizing our students for a job well done! We appreciate you taking the time to help us do this!!

Don't forget to recognize your students with a POSITIVE OFFICE REFERRAL!!

The Positive Office Referral should be used when a teacher wishes to reward a student for something academic or behavioral. This differs from the ROAR award in that Positive Office referrals can be issued at any time and for any positive behavior worthy of reward. The ROAR award is for students working hard over a period of time and producing academic results. To submit a Positive Office Referral, CLICK HERE. Students that receive a POR will be called in by an administrator and will also be awarded 25 Tiger Pride points!

Change in Grading Guidelines for THIS Semester

NEW SECONDARY Grading Guidelines for each nine week period

12 total

  • 9 daily
  • 3 major

Reminders for Students

We will be making some announcements to assist with this but please help us be reminding students and enforcing that they do not wear hoodies, beanies, hats, do-rags, or other non-religious head coverings. Also, students are not allowed to have blankets with them. We have sent this out in the parent newsletter as well. With the cold weather, we have definitely seen an increase in all of these things. We appreciate your help with this!
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Junior Teachers! Remind Students the Deadline is Approaching to Take Advantage of SAT School Day!

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FBEF Grants are a GREAT way to get resources for your classroom!!

Fort Bend Education Foundation Grant Applications are open and due January 24. Apply today!

$1,500 for an individual classroom or team applications

$2,000 for elementary school site applications

$3,000 for secondary school site applications

Visit https://www.fortbendisd.com/domain/2432

Click on ‘Grant Application’ in the purple toolbar at the top to see grant application instructions, summaries of past grants, and approved vendor resource lists.

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Teacher Toolkit

As we wrapped up the first semester, many of us spent time diving into the numbers of students failing courses. And, while we found numerous reasons that students weren't successful, one that continued to pop up was grade books that were filled with zeroes. This led me back to something I read this summer in a book by teacher, Myron Dueck titled Grading Smarter Not Harder. In Dueck's discussion of zeroes, he challenges readers to consider that zeroes are the number one factor compromising grading data. He refers to them as the "ultimate numerical weapon" for a teacher, yet argues that for many students the zero is simply not a punishment, but more of an "easy way out" of doing the work. In considering options for his classroom, he created a form that students were required to complete when not submitting an assignment at the deadline. He used this form to gain information on why the student did not turn the work in and from that create a plan to ensure the learning and the work were completed. A sample of this form is pictured below. How has your PLC addressed students not turning in work? Would a form such as this be a viable option? What routine/procedural changes would be needed in your classroom to implement something like this? If you would like to read more, I (Lizzie:)) have the book and I am happy to loan it to you!
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Student Teacher Conference Form - Must be completed and submitted for all S1 Failures

Professional Growth Opportunity through Peer Observation!

As discussed at the faculty meeting, we are rolling out opportunities to observe other teachers to see the many amazing things we have going on at Travis High School!! Use the links below to request to observe another teacher and/or let us know you are willing and able to be observed!

To have your name added to the Tiger Board (volunteering to allow others into your classroom), please use this link or add your name to the Tiger Board in the front office behind the mailboxes: https://goo.gl/forms/7jK0Im7OS0bvqDSD2

If you or your PLC would like to observe classrooms, please use this request link: https://goo.gl/forms/qLZNDRfCTr4w4vOq2

Exemption Information

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- If a student is doubled up in Science, can they exempt both? Yes, they can as long as they don't exceed the total number of exemptions.. For example, a junior may choose to exempt two science courses, 1 social studies, 1 math, and choose to take their English final.

- What absences count towards exemptions? All absences coded E and U will be counted towards exemption totals. T and L will also count - 3 tardies/lates equals 1 absence for exemption purposes.

Course Selection Information for Teachers

Course selection season fast approaching! Below I’ve listed important dates and information to help you plan.

Upcoming Dates

January 22nd: Skyward window opens for online course requests. Students will be able to access their Career Plans (4 year plans) in Skyward to make changes.

January 28th: February 1st- Course selection meetings for THS students with counselors in the computer lab (social studies classes)

January 31st: THS Course Selection Parent Night with organization fair 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

February 4th: Signed course selection worksheets due

February 5th: Bowie Middle School Course Selection meetings

February 7th: Sartartia Middle School Course Selection meetings

February 22nd: Skyward window closes for online course requests for high school. Students will not be able to make changes online after this date.

February 25th: March 8th- Counselor course selection clean-up

March 18-22nd: Course request verification window. Students will be able to request additional changes to their course selections.

March 25th- Onward: Counselor course selection clean-up

Course Selection Parent Night

Please see the attached flyer. 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grade students and parents are invited to attend. After a brief introduction session in the auditorium, guests will be able to choose from several sessions to hear important information about course selection, graduation requirements, curriculum updates and more. The time structure will be similar to Open House. The organization fair will occur simultaneously in the commons, allowing guests to stop by between sessions.

Click this link to sign up for a table: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=QWJ9SRo5d0KRrL3SqZ9wVBFyrhCIQktEuLX3p197Bn5URVlKSFE0Rko4UkpHT1VTRDNJSFpaQ0dBNi4u The deadline to respond is January 25th.

Marketing Courses

In addition to participating in Course Selection Parent Night, please make plans to market your course(s) to students during the course selection window. This can include creating posters, submitting videos to T-RAV, submitting videos to be posted on the counselor webpage and/or informational sessions. If you are planning to promote your course at Bowie and/or Sartartia Middle School, you will need to contact their counselors to make arrangements.

Bowie Middle School

Debbie Zubia


Sartartia Middle School

Rachel McCune


Course Selection Central

We have created a special page under ‘Counseling’ dedicated to course selection: https://www.fortbendisd.com/Page/95031 This page will be updated regularly throughout the course selection window so please refer to it for helpful information and please share with students.

Course Selection Videos

Course Selection videos to help students prepare will be played during advisory the week of January 22nd. The videos will be provided to you as we approach the week. They will also be posted on the counselor webpage.

Don't Forget to Sign Up for your Biometric Screening!

Important Dates for Seniors - Spring 2019

Senior Teachers - Please POST!

Staffulty Tiger Pride Points!

Points will be rewarded for school events, participation, attendance, and academics! Each “event” is worth 25 points!

· Any Travis Tiger Football Game

· Any HOME game for all sporting events

· Any Fine Arts Concert or Performance

· Homecoming Pep Rally—Monday, October 1st

· Participation in any theme or spirit day!

· College Wear Wednesday!

· Fridays We Wear RED!

· Perfect Attendance (monthly)

· Perfect Attendance to Duty (9 weeks)

· Attending additional duties for school events

· Other events to be added—stay tuned for more information!


Staffulty will be awarded their points by an administrator via your staff ID number. Mrs. Martinez can also award points for College Wear Wednesday—she will be in all lunches those days for kids! Remember—

whoever is awarding the points will have to see you!! Points for covering classes, perfect attendance and duty attendance will be uploaded automatically.

Staffulty may check their point total online using their ID via the portal on our website and linked in the


TIGER PRIDE points– Staffulty Edition—will offer an array of prizes and privileges to our staffulty members! It is a FUN way to get involved and enjoy the year!

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Student Teacher Conference Form

Updated form for 2nd semester

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January 28

End of PR 5

January 30

Faculty Meeting (in library during conference periods)

January 31

Course Selection Night - 6:00 PM

February 6

Department Leader Meeting

Letter Jacket Fitting - all lunches

National Signing Day - Signings in gym at 2:00 PM

February 7

Letter Jacket Fitting - all lunches

February 13

Department Meetings

February 15

Professional Development Day - Student Holiday

February 20

Department Leader Meeting


Check out Advisory Courses in Schoology!

9th grade Access Code: 9RPJK-MPNR7

10th grade Access Code: MTPC8-VJHXW

11th grade Access Code: 6P8DB-Q3QXP

12th grade Access Code: VWF3J-W62C3

Weekly Advisory Lesson Plans are located in the 3rd 9 weeks folder of your appropriate Schoology Course under the appropriate dated week. You MUST log in and JOIN the correct Schoology course to access the videos and materials for this week's lessons.

REMINDER! Power Points should be downloaded to computer from Schoology to view embedded videos and hear the voice overs!

Fridays We Wear RED - Tiger Pride Points Link


Our campus IT is Joshua Martin and his office is in the library! Please remember to put in a CRM ticket instead of emailing him when you have a request. If he spends his time putting in your tickets, he loses time to work on the tickets! Click Here for instructions. THANK YOU!

How to Reset Your Network Password

Do you have news to share? Email THS Announcements! (THS.Announcements@fortbendisd.com)

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