By Jordyn

Size of country

6,592,800 sq miles. This gives them a large amount of natural resources so that they can support themselves and can of case some attention to other things.

Population of the country

146,009,820 people. This can allow them to have a large work force and they can have more jobs.

How well educated is Russia?

They only have 54% of the people with a collage degree. That means that the people are not that well educated and they are not very bright.


The economy has a large supply of natural resources, so they are able to make all of there money off of gas, oil, and other natural supply's

Physical features

It is very mountainous and very cold at some points. This gives the the advantage by having there enemies freeze and have to cross mountains before they have to start fighting


The Russian military is a very strong force and is a very hard opponent to beat. They will most likely use chemical weapons as a threat to other nations.