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2015 Review

The year started with a bang with Manasa CORE Workshop with my guru Manoj Kaimal in January followed with a talk also by guruji on “Ten Wisdom Energies’ in February. That set forth a year of exploration for 2015.

It started across the Bali Sea to the island’s xadjectivex Ubuh in March, I joined my guru (he was one of the presenters) and fellow yogis for the Bali Spirit Festival and was introduced to other distinguished contemporary yoga teachers like Simon Borg-Oliver and xxxxx.

3 days after I left a boisterous, rowdy and lively (depending on your personality) festival, I retreated to serenity at the Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary in Taiping to attend a very enriching 3-day Stretch Therapy workshop by Kit Laughlin, which edify my way practising and teaching yoga in great extend.

Back to KL, I was asked to be one of the mentors for the latest batch of Manasa teachers training course (TTC) students. Attending the classes with the new students brings back many fond memories of the “old days” when I did my first TTC back in 2008. The I Ching says “As nature is constantly creatively active, the noble man never rests improving himself”. Guruji not only revised his teaching materials substantially, many new materials have been added to the course, making the 4 months mentoring experience highly rewarding (I hope my mentee felt the same).

In August, I continued the exploration journey to Kashmir in India to learn Tantric Shaivism. It was a topic I evaded in my studies for I am a fundamentalist at heart and would very much like to remain so. The invitation came after one participant pulled out and I was offered the place. Nonetheless, Kashmir is a place I very much like to go, so I went despite the topic. As I immersed in the picturesqueness of countryside Pahalgam where we stayed for 7 days, coupled with the clarity in guruji's teaching, it was not long before I “converted” to appreciate tantric Sahivism teaching.

In October, I started on what has been in my bucket list - learning Taichi. I wanted to learn the great martial art to improve my health and for self defence. As it turn out, I found the art is the same as the way I practice Yoga which is “less is more”. It also has the added advantage of having it origins from the teaching of Confucius, I Ching and Lao Tzu, the values that I grew up learning from a Chinese family. Now, Cheng Man Ching Taichi has been added to my daily self practice routine.

The year is being wrapped up with a workshop by Simon Borg-Oliver, whom I met during the Bali Spirit Festival and was much enlightened by his teaching, and a Kriya Yoga workshop, both in November. Kriya Yoga is one school of yoga which I was always curious about especially after reading the late Yogananda’s book “Autobiography of a Yogi”, that took the West by storm. Most importantly, I was adviced to attend the workshop by my Chinese Physician who recommend that my comprised digestive system would be cured by doing Sun Salutations facing the east in the morning and practising Kriya Yoga. In any case, I was delighted to find that the system is similar to some of the meditation and pranayama techniques that we are doing in Manasa Yoga.

Lastly, I have also discovered the Bates Method in 2015 as an alternative solution (other than wearing glasses and contact lenses) to improve my eye sight. It is xxxxx that we constantly seek new ways to improving the condition of our body and mind, but overlook the “window to the soul”. So I now doing yoga for eyes too.

As the year is drawing on, I am looking forward to a new year which I hope to consolidate on my existing knowledge. One of the project that I will start is teaching senior citizens yoga in my community.

May the pure capacity in our consciousness continues to expand, bringing much awareness, clarity and understanding in our undertakings in a brand new year. Wishing you all an auspiciousness 2016.

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