2nd Grade Newsletter

February 19, 2016

Here's what we are working on...

Reading - Next week, we will continue to learn about RACE ( Race stands for Restate, Answer the question, Cite evidence, Explain, Summarize) and practice this new skill. This is how they will be writing in 3rd grade for the Milestones.

Math - We will continue to practice time at the beginning of the week, and then test on Thursday of next week. A review will go home on Wednesday night before the test.

Writing - We will be finishing up our second opinion writing piece next week. After finishing the the second opinion piece, we will begin to write a fractured fairy tale.

Science - This week, we focused on the three types of energy: motion, heat, and light. Next week, we will learn about the different types of motion energy.

Grammar - We will be reviewing the word patterns that we have been learning for the third nine weeks.

Spelling/Word Study - We will test on Friday, March 4th, over the word patterns that we have already covered. There are 13 anchor words this week, but they are review and not new. The anchor words will be saw, cause, day, care, hair, part, girl, hurt, word, corn, deer, hear, and earth.

The sight words tested will be new, sound, take, only, little, work, know, place, year, live.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

Feb. 24th & 25th - Early Release/Conferences

Mar. 4th - PTA Carnival

Mar. 5th - Sparky's 5K/Fun Run

Mar. 11th - Teacher/Student Holiday

Mar. 18th - Field trip to Fernbank Museum and IMAX

***Please make sure to pay for the field trip at mypaymentsplus.com if you have not already done so.

*** Carnival arm bands are being sent home when the money is processed by the PTA. We will be sending the arm bands home as we receive them. If you get your arm bands, please make sure to put these in a safe place and have your child wear the band to the carnival.

***Recess: Please be aware that county policy states that we cannot go out to recess if the temperature is below 40 degrees. However, if it is above 40 degrees, we will go out to recess. Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for colder weather.

Please remember to send in library books on your child's class library day. The class library days are:

Lord - Monday

Moore - Monday

Queen - Tuesday

Pendergast - Wednesday

Kamhout - Wednesday

Duncan - Thursday

Have a fabulous weekend!!