#EdVoice AAFTP Twitter Chat

#EdVoice December 8th, 8:00 pm EST

#EdVoice Twitter Chat: Equity vs. Equality in Our Schools

Instead of our monthly webinar, we are taking a break to have a nationwide AAFTP Twitter Chat! Join the Fellowship as we discuss the issue of school equity.

"Equity, as we have seen, involves trying to understand and give people what they need to enjoy full, healthy lives. Equality, in contrast, aims to ensure that everyone gets the same things in order to enjoy full, healthy lives. Like equity, equality aims to promote fairness and justice, but it can only work if everyone starts from the same place and needs the same things."-SGBA Learning Resource

How does this concept apply to education and how can we make our schools a more equitable place in the face of inequality?

AAFTP Twitter Chat (EST)

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 8pm

This is an online event.

Topic: Equality vs. Equity

These are the 7 questions we will be asking at our 1st ever nationwide AAFTP Twitter Chat!!

  1. What is the difference between equality and equity?

  2. How do we get top-performing teachers to go into/stay in struggling schools?

  3. What would it take for you, or why do you stay?

  4. What can community members do to improve working conditions at struggling schools?

  5. How can assessment drive equity? What are potential concerns and unintended consequences?

  6. How important is school culture in struggling schools and what kind of culture is needed to retain staff?

  7. What is one thing you can do tomorrow to help create a more equitable system?