Precision Agriculture

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle based Sensor Platform for Precision Agriculture

  • Ignite’s Precision Agriculture platform consists of a fully autonomous and user programmable unmanned aerial vehicle, sensors for multi-temporal multi-spectral data acquisition and cloud hosted services for image and data analysis.
  • The goal is to develop a scalable and low cost technology for implementing precision agriculture in order to increase the productivity of farmlands in India.
  • This gives us a) valuable management insights by identifying unproductive areas of farmland early on for reseeding and b) applying inputs like water, fertilizers, pesticides and weedicides based on how much is needed at a specific point in the field.


Our innovation is a scalable, low cost platform for monitoring crop health. It consists of three major components.

  • An unmanned aerial vehicle capable of surveying 10 hectares of farmland per minute.
  • A multispectral camera for measuring visible and near infrared light reflected by crops.
  • A cloud hosted portal for users to place orders and download processed images.


  • Productivity of many farmlands in India is well below the world average. Main causes of low productivity are lack of nutrients, faulty irrigation, imbalanced or excessive fertilizer use, sub-optimal plant population, heavy weed infestation and high incidence of pests and diseases.

  • All of the above causes can be identified early on using our drones. Farmers will thus know what’s going on with every plant, spot problems before they spread and apply nutrients with precision.

  • They can use pesticides and fungicides only when needed and in the smallest amounts necessary thus lowering the chemical load in both food and the environment and saving money.

  • While you can get this level of precision on small farms by hand-tending, on big farms our drones are the solution.