Sunday Memo and Motivation

Manvel Public School ~ September 10-14, 2018

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Peek At The Week

Monday, September 10 ~ Hearing Screenings (Mrs. Clemetson)

Monday, September 10 ~ Community Tax Meeting (6:30 pm) & School Board Meeting to follow

Tuesday, September 11 ~ 7:30 a.m. Leadership Meeting with Mrs. Misialek and Kelli Adams

Tuesday, September 11 ~ ECO ED Day for 7th Grade (all day)

Wednesday, September 12 ~ 1 hour late start; all instructional staff report @ 7:30am

Thursday, September 13 ~ ESSA Training (Matt, Josh, Lizzy & Missy will be gone all day)

Friday, September 14 ~ Para Meeting @ 7:45am

Friday, September 14 ~ Picture Day!

Friday, September 14 ~ Benchmark deadline for STAR 360

Saturday, September 15 ~ Mrs. Sandness "officially" becomes Mrs. Sandness! Congratulations!


Thursday, September 20 ~ St. Jude's Bike-A-Thon @ 3:30 pm *All staff invited to bring their bikes and participate for a great cause!

Friday, September 21 ~ Grades 1-5 to attend the GF Public Library Space Exhibit; load buses at 12:30 p.m.

Thursday, September 27 ~ PTO Meeting in Library @ 4:30 p.m.

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Teachers, below you will see a break-down of the areas you felt you would like more training in this year. Thanks to Amanda Fuller for helping us with STAR360! More to come on that, as well as Steve Dunn Writing and PBL!

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Project Based Learning

Click Link Below for some GREAT Formative Assessment Ideas (one of our Marzano Elements this year)!

Download the Ultimate Collection of Exit Slips and Entrance Tickets below! Enjoy ~ there are some really fun ones for your students!

Mrs. Fuller's Second Grade ~ Best Part of Me Project

Walk to Read Begins!

After a lot of assessments, data and collaboration, Walk to Read will begin on Monday for our first and second graders from 12:30 - 1:30 every day. Thanks to all the teachers and paras who are helping to make this an effective reading program at MPS!

Click Link Below for Five Tips for Successful Group Work

Working Hard and Having Fun Learning in Miss Kasprick's Kindergarten!

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Three Rules to a Less Complicated Life by Legendary college football coach Lou Holtz "Like a tree or grass, you're either growing or your dying!"
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Late Start on Wednesday ~ Becoming a Trauma-Informed School

All instructional staff (teachers and paras) need to attend the Late Start on Wednesday morning at 7:30 am. Vicki will be making homemade caramel rolls and we will begin our new book study on Fostering Resilient Learners. You have all been invited to participate in the book study on Google Classroom ~ see your email to join. If you did not get an email invitation, let me know. This will be my first time using Google Classroom ~ we will learn together! Please bring your book to the late start! The discussion questions for Wednesday are posted in Google Classroom. You do not need to "formally" answer them ~ they will be used to engage your groups in discussion on Wednesday.
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Thanks to Jami Frize for sharing the video below! A dyslexic child shouldn’t be judged or left behind. This video shows what they’re experiencing when they read, try to watch and you’ll realize the struggle they have to deal with. Let’s understand the dyslexic ones, let’s help them conquer these difficulties: what they need is our support!

Great Job to Mrs. Fruetel and her Team on their Hard Work Last Week!

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Congratulations to Courtney and Dylan on their wedding day next weekend! Your MPS Family wishes you well!

SO MUCH information this week in our MEMO ~ Please email me with your THREE favorite take-a-ways and your name will be entered into the weekly drawing! Have a GREAT week, everyone! Thanks for all you do for MPS!

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