Hoot N Holla

Team Newsletter April 2014

The Happenings

I cannot believe the 'changes' O2 has made in the last several weeks:

  • SOAR to Success program (Started April 1st- all people who started in March qualify too)
  • New checklists in the BO
  • New webinar schedules- we now only have 1 monthly webinar
  • New Starter Kit Options!
  • Celebrating Women supplement

March Team Sales: $6267.10 CTV!

  1. Jennifer Cromer $1248.30 PV
  2. Tracy Dressel $1105.10 PV
  3. Lisa Lavan $1012.00 PV
  4. Mandy Stough $380.60 PV
  5. Kim Fillmore $279.40 PV
  6. Nicole Gordon $77.60 PV
  7. Maria Dill $51.50 PV

March Recruiting:

  1. Tracy Dressel- 2 team members
  2. Jen Cromer- 1 team member

New March Team Members:

  1. Kim Fillmore - Tracy Dressel
  2. Lindsey Noll- Tracy Dressel
  3. Robin Cheng & Jeanine Santoro- Jen Cromer

Since last time....

Are you doing your Business Must Dos?

  • Logging into back office to check product availability on a daily basis
  • Watching the webinars in a timely manner to make sure you are in the know and watching the BO trainings?
  • Using the pre-made lists in back office for host coaching, party summaries and other check lists
  • Keeping track of your daily, weekly and monthly expenses
  • Using a schedule for your social medial posts

Are you on your way to earning our April Team Incentive???

  • $500 PV- name badge
  • $100 PV- name badge and small linen bust

*Lisa Lavan was the first to earn the name badge and Jen Cromer has also earned the name badge and the small linen bust- who's next?*

My Personal Business Hours (for anyone on the Hoot N Holla team)

M-F: 7-7:30am; 4-5pm

Most every Monday and Thursday 6-7pm

These are my office hours. Now with that said...Of course I work my business other times. If you message me during off office hours you may or may not get a response until the times listed above. Please also refrain from texting me before 7am and after 9pm.

Please feel free to message me or call with your questions or concerns but also know that our team page as well as Julie and Heather's pages are there to support you to. We are part of a very large team with friendly and helpful ladies. We also have great resources under our back office that can be reviewed 24-7.

Hoot N Holla Team Meeting @ Perkins

Thursday, May 1st, 6-7:30pm

2500 E Market St

York, PA

We will start promptly at 6pm.

As always please bring your calendar with you. I will order an appetizer or two but drinks and other meal items are up to you, please remember to tip the waitress.

If you have any potential recruits please invite them and let me know know that they will be joining us.

What we will cover:

  • Team Recognition
  • New SOAR Program
  • Special Surprise for my 1st line
  • How To Get Bookings
  • New Mini Team Challenge To Be Announced!
  • 30 minutes from 7-7:30 will be used for networking- so please bring your questions!