By New World Times

The U.S

The U.S entry into world war 1 came in April 1917, after two and a
half years of efforts by President Woodrow Wilson to keep the U.S
neutral during World War I. Americans had no idea that war was
imminent in Europe in the summer of 1914, and tens of thousands of
tourists were caught by surprise. The U.S. government, under Wilson's
firm control, called for neutrality "in thought and deed". Apart from
an Anglophile element supporting the British, American public opinion
went along with neutrality at first.


A Rats in their millions infested trenches. There were two main
types, the brown and the black rat. Both were despised but the brown
rat was especially feared. Gorging themselves on human remains
(grotesquely disfiguring them by eating their eyes and liver) they
could grow to the size of a cat.


Germany was planning to attack Russia, and they knew France would
honour its alliance with Russia. Since a war on two fronts was
inevitable, they decided to strike first so they would keep the


Machine-gunners of the 77th American Division training near
Moulle, France With this weapon, a team of three or more soldiers
could mow down scores of advancing infantry with ease. As the Germans
had also benefited from Maxim’s design, the mass charges that had
decided battles before became impossible.