Ways to Improve Your Memory

-yadira ramirez


Going from a short-term memory to long-term requires focusing on material to help expand the amount of information you can intake. It is highly suggested that you move away from distractions, including music, loud people, and into a calm area.

Avoid Cramming & Creating an Established Schedule

Studying often can help improve your memory because it creates a routine and your brain can adequately process information. Creating an established routine sets your mind to help you remember. However, it important to vary your study routine by changing into different environments.

Organizing Information

Memory is organized, therefore, the information needed to be studied is remembered in a more fluent manner. It is an advantage that your mind does this, structure is important.

Mnemonic Devices

It is suggested that when studying to associate material with certain familiar objects and images to help retain information.

Elaborate & Rehearsing

Encoding is important, rehearsing can strengthen this. Repeating simple descriptions to then rehearsing more complicated and thorough descriptions.

Visualizing Concepts

Visuals like charts, graphs, and photographs help to recall information. If not given, it is encouraged you make your own to help summarize.

Relating Information

Creating relationships between new information and prior knowledge/memories can help in recalling.

Teaching concepts

Teaching information that you are to remember to someone else can significantly help to improve remembering and recalling.

Serial Postion Effect

Remembering information in a certain order can help, so it is important to pay attention to difficult material.

Getting Sleep..

Taking sleep after learning new material can help you to remember and increase learning. Getting sleep at night helps you to improve in school.