Updates from the Primrose Library

December 2019

Hello Primrose Families!

The members of the News Committee from our 3rd Grade Library Council recently met. The students reported library news to each classroom and wrote the following updates for families.

Happy Reading!

Miss O'Kane

Extra Library Time

There were 70 extra class visits to the library with teachers since the beginning of the school year. 564 people visited the library to check out books individually, in addition to book look.

- Andre & Owen

Book Love


There are 414 books overdue this month.That’s more than last month!

- Eleanor & Maddie


We have a bunch of popular RICBA books in our library that lots of Primrose Pandas are checking out. So far A Pup Called Trouble is the most popular RICBA book. A Lot of students are catching up on there reading so they can vote.

- Anna & Abby

A Look Ahead

In kindergarten they will be learning about the Caldecott Award and reading some winners.

In 1st grade they will be learning how to take notes while researching.

- Alice, Alivia, AJ