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Ms. Prestjohn's Newletter: Wk of 10/12/15


Last week, students learned a cheer to help them remember how to add positive and negative integers. I hope they have entertained you with it! Be sure to ask them to show you this week as we will continue to practice it--practice makes perfect, right?!

This week students will learn how to subtract integers. It involves a simple single step and then they use the cheer they have learned. It promises to be quite fun this week! They will show their mastery on Friday with a quiz.

I hope you have enjoyed the long weekend with family, fun, and friends. We have a full fun week planned!

Until next week...!

Table Conversations Starters:

Not a lot of math topics to talk about this week--just adding and subtracting integers. So, if the conversation stalls, ask your student if they have signed up and attended any clubs. This week, Ace Club and Circle of Friends meet during homeroom on Wednesday, while Student Council meets on Thursday. Clubs are a fun way to make the middle school experience memorable.

Mark Your Calendar:

All week - Band Fundraiser - Practice-a-thon

- Choir Fundraiser

- PTA Shoe Drive - Drop off new or gently used shoes in a box outside the cafeteria

Regular tutoring hours: Mornings (8:15a-8:35a)/Afternoons (4:00p-4:15p), except

Wednesdays (my duty day)

Extended tutoring sessions: Monday and Tuesday from 4p-5p.

10/12/15 - Holiday

10/13/15 - Tutoring (4p-5p)/PTA Fundraiser @ Chick-fil-A (Park & Plano Pkwy)-dinner time

10/14/15 - Odd Block Day

10/15/15 - Even Block Day

10/16/15 - Quiz-Adding/Subtracting Integers

Lesson Plans: Week of 10/12/15 - 10/16/15