This summer I went to boy scout camp. While I was there I earned my marret badges in fishing kayaking, and canoeing. And I almost finished my cooking marret badge. And those four things are examples of Science.
The interesting thing I really saw was the fish under water. Me and my cousin were under the water goofing off and then out of know ware a giant fish just swims past us, no care in the world. Then we were just looking for fish, and we found some cool ones. Some had weird things by there mouth, some were big, some were small, and some were really fast or scary. But that was the intresting thing that happened.
The three things you should know about me is that I like soccer. The reason I got in to soccer is when my cousin came over he plays soccer and really enjoys it. He teached me how to play and ever since I liked soccer. I also like drama class or drama club. I like it because I like to act silly and funny. The third thing I like is movies. I like movie because me and my dad would watch one every friday or Saturday, either that or tv shows. And those are the tree things I like.