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YOU are moving school forward & beyond!

Here's to a great week!

Super Kudos to the Bell Staff in supporting the PTA and our Bell Families on Friday night for the FUN NIGHT. It couldn't have been pulled off without your assistance. I truly appreciate the extra you did to support our families. Kudos to our PTA as well, they are few in number but always work so hard to meet the needs of both our students/families and our Bell Staff. Please be sure the thank them for all they do.

The count down is testing that is!! The huge growth that students have made in so growing their reading levels and lexiles, in increasing their MAP/MPG scores and their SRI scores. I am SOOO hopeful of our success on this years state tests. For the days to come (5 days!!), please be certain to cheer students on. A few reminders regarding reteaching and test preparation:

  • Be clear in stating the objective, providing conceptual understanding along with practice and fluency.
  • Review your items specs (if you have used them to check understanding I strongly suggest you do so, as the questioning and descriptors are most comparable.
  • Avoid skipping lesson closure (quick, concise and clear....what was the objective, what did we do, why do we need to know this, what we will do tomorrow).
  • The link for test preparation listed in last week Smores is attached here.

Compliance for the week of April 4, 2016-April 8, 2016

Please ensure data wall is complete, we will be using these for sectioning classes for the the 2016-2017 school year.

Monday 4/4

  • Lesson Plans due
  • Staff Meeting - Upper PLC Room***Bring your snack and drink
  • IEP: Goodwin, Hill, Carr

Tuesday 4/5

  • Classroom observations ---ensure that your classroom environment and practice reflects YOUR work & ALL Bell commitments (Lesson Plans in corner of desk and objectives updated and visible to students)
  • Lesson Plans due ( SPED)
  • PLC K, 1,2 ( Data Meeting)...MAP/iREAD *Completing our Data Wall), balanced numeracy assessment (from last week)
  • IEP:Hill, Foster

Wednesday 4/6

  • PLC 6 (Data Meeting)...SRI/SMI*Completing our Data Wall & Grouping for testing,balanced numeracy assessment (from last week)
  • Support Staff self assessment/Lead teachers assessment Due ( support staff that have someone assigned to them)
  • IEP: Hill

Thursday 4/7

  • PLC 3,4 ( Data Meeting)....MAP/SRI*Completing our Data Wall & Grouping for testing, balanced numeracy assessment (from last week)
  • No Referral Party (Upper) 12:30-1, 1:00-1:30, 1:30-2 (Grade time TBD)
  • IEP: Hill

Friday 4/8

  • Grades due in PowerSchool****************************
  • PLC 5 ( Data Meeting)....SRI/SMI*Completing our Data Wall & Grouping for testing,balanced numeracy assessment (from last week)
  • No Referral Party (Primary 12:30-1, 1-1:30, 1:30-2) Grade time TBD
  • IEP: Goodwin

  • Weekly Grades DUE in Powerschool (4th Quarter, Week 2) DON'T WAIT

2 reading grades due in PowerSchool

2 math grades due in PowerSchool

1 social studies grade due in PowerSchool

1 science grade due in PowerSchool

PLC's will be led by team leader or the grade level, if you have completed your data wall cards please display them in the PLC room (Upper; new wing, Primary: PLC-book room)

Important: Save the Date


  • 4/5 College Awareness Day/Talent Show Auditions
  • 4/6 Talent Show Audtions
  • 4/11-20 Grade 3 Reading Test Window
  • 4/11-29 OCCT Paper Test Window (grades 3-8)
  • 4/11-5/13 Pre K Early Childhood Inventory Assessment Window
  • 4/20 Progress Reports Go Home
  • 4/22 Earth Day
  • 4/25-5/13 Online MAP (Grade 3) and MPG (K-2) Testing window (RSA)
  • 4/28 Retention Review
  • 5/5 Cinco de Mayo (please see me during your planning period between Mon-Wed if you are interested in planning )
  • 5/9 6th Grade Picnic (Tenative)
  • 5/12 6th Grade Promotion Ceremony
  • 5/13 Final Running Records Due
  • 5/16 Talent Show
  • 5/17 Field Day

Testing Calendar


The testing calendar attached shows the dates testing will occur for grade levels and the content. This calendar is subject to change, it should help you plan as closely as possible for the weeks of state testing. Further information will be provided about recess places/times.

If you have time, check out this resource its a way to differentiate test preparation...

There is a video below to share an overview.
eduCanon-Interactive Video Lessons

Support Staff Evaluations

Support Staff/Lead teacher

You will remember several occasions where we discussed the support evaluation rubric.

In the coming days, we will be completing the support evaluations. Support staff please complete and turn in your self assessment by Wednesday, April 6. Lead teachers. Complete an assessment as well, then submit it to Ms. Blakney/Ms. Fraser by Wednesday, April 6.

Please remember to provide evidence for "exceeds expectation."