Here are all the upcoming major free agents in competitive League of Legends’ major regions

This past year, competitive League of Legends has brought plenty of elation, heartbreak, and electric moments for fans and players alike. Across every region, teams have battled fiercely for regional and international glory, and only a select 토토사이트추천 few have come up with the gold in their hands.

But as we look at what 2023 has to offer, another exciting time in the League esports ecosystem swiftly approaches, and no one even has to step foot onto the Summoner’s Rift. Free agency talk has started to kick off, and the offseason always brings plenty of hype for supporters of all kinds. From blockbuster moves to surprising trades, the LoL Esports universe never knows what to expect when the year ends 토토사이트

To keep things organized, here is a list of all 메이저사이트 the big upcoming free agents in the four major regions that enthusiasts should watch.

(Note: * marks an 메이저토토사이트 Academy/ERL player, while ** marks an Amateur player. Bolded names are players who won All-Pro honors in 2022.)

Upcoming LCS 2022 free agents

100 Thieves – Kim “Ssumday“ Chan–ho

100 Thieves** – Rayan “Sniper” Shoura

Evil Geniuses – Jeong “Impact“ Eon–young

Immortals – Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun

Team Dignitas* – Toàn “Neo” Trần

Team Dignitas* – Noh “Gamsu” Yeong-jin

Team Liquid – Jo “CoreJJ“ Yong–in

Team Liquid* – Sean “Yeon” Sung

Team Liquid* – Bill “Eyla” Nguyen

TSM – Colin “Solo” Earnest

Upcoming LEC 2022 free agents

Astralis – Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup

Astralis – Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir

Astralis – Kiss “Vizicsacsi” Tamás

Excel Esports – Erlend “nukeduck” Våtevik Holm

Excel Esports – Mark “Markoon” van Woensel

Mirage Elyandra – Liyu “Cody Sun” Sun

Misfits Gaming – Vincent “Vetheo” Berrié

Misfits Gaming* – Lucjan “Shlatan” Ahmad

Misfits Gaming* – Oskar “Vander” Bogdan

Rogue – Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu

Rogue* – Hampus Mikael “promisq” Abrahamsson

SK Gaming – Jean “Jezu” Massol

SK Gaming – Janik “JNX” Bartels

Team BDS* – Juš “Crownshot” Marušič

Team Vitality* – Duncan “Skeanz” Marquet

Team Vitality* – Mathias “Szygenda” Jensen

Upcoming LCK 2022 free agents

DRX – Kim “Deft” Hyuk–kyu

DRX – Cho “BeryL” Geon–hee

DWG KIA – Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon

DWG KIA – Noh “Burdol” Tae-yoon

Gen.G – Park “Ruler” Jae–hyuk

Gen.G – Son “Lehends” Si–woo

Gen.G – Choi “Doran” Hyeon–joon

KT Rolster – Kim “Rascal” Kwang–hee

KT Rolster – Kim “Life” Jeong-min

Liiv SANDBOX – Lee “Prince” Chae–hwan

Nongshim RedForce – Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun

Nongshim RedForce – Lee “Effort” Sang-ho

Nongshim RedForce – Kim “Canna” Chang-dong

Nongshim RedForce – Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong

T1 – Lee “Faker” Sang–hyeok

Upcoming LPL 2022 free agents

Edward Gaming – Park “Viper” Do–hyeon

Edward Gaming – Lee “Scout” Ye–chan

FunPlus Phoenix – Kim “Clid” Tae-min

FunPlus Phoenix – Lin “Lwx” Wei-Xiang

JD Gaming – Seo “Kanavi” Jin–hyeok

LGD Gaming – Zhiqiang “shad0w” Zhao

LNG Esports – Wang “Light” Guang–Yu

LNG Esports – Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang

LNG Esports – Hu “Ale” Jia-Le

Royal Never Give Up – Li “Xiaohu” Yuan–Hao

Royal Never Give Up – Shi “Ming” Sen–Ming

Royal Never Give Up – Chen “GALA” Wei

Royal Never Give Up – Yan “Wei” Yang–Wei

Top Esports – Zhuo “knight” Ding

Top Esports – Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo

Top Esports – Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang

Victory Five – Song “Rookie” Eui–jin

Victory Five – Hung “Karsa” Hao–Hsuan

Victory Five – Lee “Rich” Jae–won

Weibo Gaming – Kang “TheShy” Seung–lok

Weibo Gaming – Hu “SwordArt” Shuo-Chieh

Weibo Gaming – Lê “SofM” Quang Duy

Riot reveals VCT Champions 2022 bundle sales milestone before lower bracket final

The VALORANT Champions 2022 skin bundle, a collection of skins and in-game items to celebrate the game’s second-ever world championship, has already raised more than $16 million for the qualified teams, with two full match days still to go 메이저토토사이트

The bundle features a limited-time only Phantom 메이저토토 spray, a butterfly knife, a spray, a player card, and two usable gun buddies of the Champions trophy. The full cost of all the items individually is 9,200 VALORANT points (roughly $90), but buying them as a bundle costs only 6,167 VALORANT points (roughly $60). You can upgrade the Phantom and knife with visual effects and auras that appear when the player using them gets kills.

The in-game store listing says that 50 percent of the 메이저놀이터 net proceeds from the Champions 2022 bundle goes to participating teams. With over $16 million raised for teams so far, and 16 teams attending, that’s over one million dollars heading to each team. How each team splits its share between the organization and players is left up to the team’s discretion. Champions 2022 bundle revenue shares do not depend on the team’s tournament results.

This year’s bundle has generated massively more revenue than last year’s. Last year’s Champions 2021 bundle reportedly earned $18.72 million in total, resulting in $9.36 million to be split between the 16 attending teams.

When VALORANT esports shifts to the VCT partnership 메이저놀이터추천 model in 2023, more in-game items connected to the competitive scene are expected to be added to the game, including the possibility of team skins and cosmetics.

The Champions 2022 bundle is still available from the store until Sept. 22, but will be gone forever after that day.

OpTic vs. DRX at VCT Champions 2022 reaches extraordinary VALORANT viewership milestones

When OpTic and DRX, the top VALORANT teams out of North America and Korea, respectively, met in the lower bracket final of VCT Champions 2022, the two teams delivered an all-time performance across five maps. In the end, OpTic avoided the first-ever reverse sweep in a best-of-five in VCT, closing out the series on the final map 메이저놀이터추천

The exceptional showing between two great teams 안전놀이터 will live on not just as one of the best matches ever but also as one of the most viewed ever, eclipsing over one million concurrent viewers during the fifth map of the series on Haven, per Esports Charts.

By reaching this milestone, Champions 2022 becomes just the fourth competitive VALORANT event to reach one million concurrent viewers during its runtime, joining Champions 2021, Masters Reykjavík 2021, and Masters Reykjavík 2022 in that regard. On top of that, the DRX vs. OpTic match has also made Champions 2022 the most watched VALORANT event ever, pushing it to over 54 million total hours watched, surpassing the 46 million hours watched mark from Champions 2021, and with the grand finals rematch between OpTic and LOUD still to come.

For OpTic, this is their second ever one million concurrent viewer match, having reached the seven-figure mark earlier this year in the Masters Reykjavík grand final against LOUD. OpTic and Gambit are the only teams to compete in two matches with one million concurrent viewers each, but OpTic could very easily make that three tomorrow in a grand finals rematch against LOUD to determine the second-ever world champions.

Masters Berlin 2021 and Masters Copenhagen 안전놀이터추천 2022 are the only international events not to hit the one million mark and were viewed poorly compared to other international VCT events. However, this was due to 토토사이트 unpopular format choices for the tournaments, and considering that several participants in both events had already qualified for Champions in those years, making the stakes lower at both those events.

OpTic and LOUD will look to hit the one million mark together again on Sunday, with a 9am CT start time.

VCT Champions 2022 live results: Updated VALORANT scores, brackets, schedule

A long year of exciting VCT competition has led to this moment yet again: VALORANT Champions 2022 is here, and all interested eyes will turn toward the schedule, bracket, and results of the second VALORANT world championship 토토사이트

This year, Champions takes place in Istanbul, Turkey. But 토토사이트추천 the home crowd won’t be able to watch Turkish superstar cNed and his Acend team defend their title since they fell short in the VCT EMEA Last Chance Qualifier. There’s no need to worry about the level of competition, though. This year’s field of teams is stacked with contenders, favorites, underdogs, dark horses, and unknowns.

The 16 competing teams will compete first in a GSL-style group stage, with four groups of four teams each competing in a small double-elimination 메이저사이트 bracket that will send two winners from each group into the playoffs. The playoffs will be an eight-team double-elimination bracket of its own, ending in a best-of-five grand final on Sunday, Sept. 18.

Here is the VALORANT Champions 2022 schedule, brackets, scores, and more.

Competing teams and groups

Here are the 16 VCT teams that have qualified for and are competing at VALORANT Champions 2022, sorted by group.

Group A: Paper Rex, EDward Gaming, Team Liquid, Leviatán

Group B: OpTic Gaming, BOOM Esports, ZETA DIVISION, LOUD

Group C: FunPlus Phoenix, KRÜ Esports, XSET, XERXIA

Group D: DRX, FURIA, Fnatic, 100T


Playoffs bracket

Here’s the full double-elimination bracket for playoffs at VALORANT Champions 2022.

Group stage brackets

Here’s the GSL-style group stage bracket for each 메이저토토사이트 group, complete with results.

Schedule and scores

Here is the schedule of matches and the results of each match at VALORANT Champions 2022. All match times are listed in CT and are subject to change and delays. Each match will be updated during and after the match’s duration.

Sunday, Sept. 18

9am: LOUD 3-1 OpTic (LOUD 15-13 on Ascent, OpTic 13-6 on Bind, LOUD 16-14 Breeze, LOUD 13-5 on Haven)

LOUD have won Champions 2022.

Saturday, Sept. 17

9am: OpTic 3-2 DRX (OpTic 13-8 on Bind, OpTic 13-5 on Breeze, DRX 13-8 on Fracture, DRX 13-6 on Ascent, OpTic 13-10 on Haven)

OpTic advance to the grand final. DRX are eliminated.

Friday, Sept. 16

9am: LOUD 2-0 OpTic (LOUD 13-10 on Bind, LOUD 13-3 on Ascent)

LOUD advance to the grand final.

12pm: DRX 2-0 FPX (DRX 13-11 on Icebox, DRX 13-9 on Haven)

DRX advance to the lower final. FPX are eliminated.

Tuesday, Sept. 13

9am: DRX 2-1 Fnatic (Fnatic 13-7 on Icebox, DRX 14-12 on Ascent, DRX 13-9 on Fracture)

DRX advance. Fnatic are eliminated.

12pm: FPX 2-1 XSET (XSET 13-11 on Pearl, FPX 13-10 on Bind, FPX 16-14 on Ascent)

FPX advance. XSET are eliminated.

Monday, Sept. 12

9am: LOUD 2-0 DRX (LOUD 13-11 on Breeze, LOUD 13-6 on Haven)

DRX move to the lower bracket. LOUD advance.

12pm: OpTic 2-1 XSET (OpTic 13-9 on Haven, XSET 13-11 on Ascent, OpTic 13-8 on Pearl)

XSET move to the lower bracket. OpTic advance.

Sunday, Sept. 11

9am: FPX 2-0 Leviatán (FPX 13-6 on Icebox, FPX 13-11 on Ascent)

Leviatán are eliminated.

12pm: Fnatic 2-0 Liquid (Fnatic 13-6 on Bind, Fnatic 13-7 on Haven)

Liquid are eliminated.

Saturday, Sept. 10

9am: OpTic 2-1 Liquid (Liquid 13-7 on Breeze, OpTic 13-8 on Bind, OpTic 13-8 on Ascent)

12pm: XSET 2-0 Fnatic (XSET 13-8 on Pearl, XSET 13-11 on Fracture)

Friday, Sept. 9

9am: LOUD 2-0 Leviatán (LOUD 14-12 on Icebox, LOUD 13-6 on Haven)

12pm: DRX 2-0 FPX (DRX 19-7 on Ascent, DRX 13-5 on Breeze)

Thursday, Sept. 8

9am: FPX 2-0 KRÜ (FPX 13-9 on Icebox, FPX 13-4 on Ascent)

FPX have qualified for playoffs, KRÜ are eliminated.

12pm: Fnatic 2-0 100T (Fnatic 13-5 on Bind, Fnatic 13-7 on Ascent)

Fnatic have qualified for playoffs, 100T are eliminated.

Wednesday, Sept. 7

9am: Liquid 2-1 Paper Rex (Liquid 15-13 on Haven, PRX 13-4 on Pearl, Liquid 13-8 on Ascent)

Liquid have qualified for playoffs, Paper Rex are eliminated.

12pm: LOUD 2-0 ZETA (LOUD 13-11 on Bind, LOUD 13-5 on Ascent)

LOUD have qualified for playoffs, ZETA DIVISION are eliminated.

Monday, Sept. 5

7am: KRÜ 2-1 XERXIA (KRÜ 13-4 on Icebox, XERXIA 13-7 on Haven, KRÜ 13-6 on Ascent)

XERXIA are eliminated.

10am: Fnatic 2-1 FURIA (FURIA 13-9 on Icebox, Fnatic 13-7 on Breeze, Fnatic 13-11 on Haven)

FURIA are eliminated.

1pm: XSET 2-1 FPX (XSET 13-7 on Pearl, FPX 13-4 on Fracture, XSET 13-5 on Breeze)

XSET have qualified for playoffs.

Sunday, Sept. 4

7am: ZETA 2-1 BOOM (BOOM 13-11 on Haven, ZETA 13-11 on Pearl, ZETA 13-2 on Fracture)

BOOM are eliminated.

10am: Liquid 2-0 EDG (Liquid 13-5 on Bind, Liquid 14-12 on Breeze)

EDG are eliminated.

Saturday, Sept. 3

7am: XSET 2-0 XERXIA (XSET 13-11 on Fracture, XSET 13-10 on Icebox)

10am: FPX 2-0 KRÜ (FPX 14-12 on Icebox, FPX 13-10 on Bind)

1pm: DRX 2-0 100T (DRX 18-16 on Breeze, DRX 13-9 on Fracture)

DRX have qualified for playoffs.

Friday, Sept. 2

7am: DRX 2-0 FURIA (DRX 16-14 on Ascent, DRX 13-4 on Haven)

10am: 100T 2-1 Fnatic (100T 13-10 on Pearl, Fnatic 13-7 on Bind, 100T 13-7 on Haven)

1pm: OpTic 2-1 LOUD (LOUD 13-7 on Breeze, OpTic 13-10 on Fracture, OpTic 13-3 on Pearl)

OpTic have qualified for playoffs.

Thursday, Sept. 1

7am: LOUD 2-0 ZETA (LOUD 13-8 on Ascent, LOUD 13-9 on Fracture)

10am: OpTic 2-1 BOOM (BOOM 18-16 on Breeze, OpTic 13-5 on Bind, OpTic 13-3 on Fracture)

1pm: Leviatán 2-0 Paper Rex (LEV 13-8 on Haven, LEV 13-11 on Bind)

Leviatán have qualified for playoffs.

Wednesday, Aug. 31

9am: Paper Rex 2-1 EDG (PRX 13-11 on Pearl, EDG 13-5 on Icebox, PRX 13-8 on Haven)

12pm: Leviatán 2-0 Liquid (Leviatán 13-10 on Haven, Leviatán 13-10 on Ascent)

League of Legends LEC G2 Jankos predicts LoL Worlds 2022 jungle meta

Jungle is arguably the most influential role on the rift, and going into LoL Worlds 2022, G2 jungler Jankos thinks we’ll see some major 메이저토토 changes in priority for jungle champions.

With most Playoffs being played on patch 12.15, there are a lot of changes that are in the live game that we haven’t seen affect pro play yet.

For instance, Nami’s E will no longer proc Electrocute by itself, meaning Lucian/Nami’s power will be drastically reduced and we’ll likely see less priority on the lane. But the role arguably affected the most here will be jungle 메이저토토사이트

Patches 12.16 and 12.17 have both seen some big changes to meta champs, as well as some big buffs. G2’s Jankos had some thoughts on how these patches would affect the jungle going into Worlds 2022.

G2 Jankos’ opinion on the Worlds 2022 jungle meta

While Poppy being “deadge” would certainly switch up the current meta when it comes to picks in pro play, Jankos’ list of junglers that will be meta was just as interesting.

“My prediction? Hecarim will be meta, Maokai will be meta, Sejuani will be meta. Olaf, maybe, in some niche cases if some people really want to risk it.”

The only champion on that list that has been popular in recent pro history is Sejuani, and she’s been a top laner for most of the regular season since the start of the Summer Split.

If Jankos is right in his prediction, then we’re in for a very different jungle meta come Worlds. Why is he so convinced that this set of champs will define the meta?

Jankos explained why Olaf might make an 메이저놀이터 appearance. Sejuani and Trundle are tried and true picks that haven’t been altered much, so they’re bound to stick around. But Hecarim and Maokai are wildcards at first glance.

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Maokai got a massive set of changes meant to buff every part of his kit but his W. He’s got more damage, better jungle clear, better jungle sustain, and better gank potential with his ult. Maokai’s on track to be an incredibly strong jungler.

Despite a set of changes that had a few nerfs, Hecarim’s been brought back into the meta. He’s much tankier than before, and has a lot more staying power in fights.

He may do less damage than before, but 토토사이트 his additional tankiness on his W and the changes to the way his W stacks will send this speedy jungler right back into the meta on the big stage.

What makes Jankos convinced that Poppy’s going to fall off?

Poppy’s had one small change: A net 20 damage decrease on her Q’s damage to monsters. The percent max health bonus on each hit was capped to keep her clear from being too strong before, but now it’s very low.

20 damage being taken off her Q two times (40 damage total) in the early game is a huge deal, and could add extra seconds to her jungle clear times. That may not sound like a lot, but, in pro play, it definitely is.

It might be too early to say whether or not the pic is completely dead, but Jankos’ opinion here is certainly backed up by Poppy’s early game clear getting heavily nerfed.

It’s hard to say what the Worlds meta will be, especially considering we still have another patch before Worlds gets underway. But, if Jankos is right, the junglers who can adapt to the new meta will have a huge advantage.