Ancient greece

By: Spencer.Cantrell


My research project was on ancient greece.My first topic is about Athen's rise to power.My second topic will be about Slavery in ancient greece. And my third topic will be about the end of greek city-states.I will talk more about the topics below.

Athen's rise to power

My first topic is about Athen's rise to power. The Athen's emerged from a blackened ruin. The persians won in battle of salamis against the Athen's . The Athen's united the greek cities. Athen's became the most powerful city-state in greece.Athen's got wealthy from silver mines.

Slavery in ancient greece

My second topic is about slavey in ancient greece. A large population of ancient greece was not free.Two-fifths of the population was slaves.Slavery in ancient greece was a peculiar institution. Boy's and men where kidnapped and made into slaves.Most slaves where sent in groups to work in silver mines.

The end of greek city-states

My third topic will be about the end of greek city-states.Sparta tried to maintain it's supermacy.Sparta had a hatred of democracy's. Epaminonda put a end to the power of Sparta. Epaminondas was killed in the battle of mantinea. King phillip II came into power in 360 bc


My research project helped me learn more about ancient greece.Like for example the athen's rise to power showed me hoe they became a really powerful city.Slavery on ancient greece mad me see how hard it was for slaves then.And the end of greek city-states showed how the greek city-states ended. Now i know more about ancient greece and so do you


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