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12th Knight vs She's The Man

In order to live life, one must love and laugh. These two have appeared throughout the years in poems, plays, movies, songs, etc. Shakespeare, the most famous English writer, of all time, wrote a funny comedy play about a love triangle. This play is called 12th night, many years later, a movie was created based on this play called She's the man.
What both of these have in common is that Viola who has a brother named Sebastian, dresses up as him in his absence. On the 12th night, Duke, Sebastian's boss ask him to help him get near Olivia, the love of his life. In She's the man, Duke asks Sebastian, to do the same thing but in exchange of getting a starting position on the Illyria's team. At the end, Viola, which is trying to disguise as his brother, falls in love with Duke and Olivia falls in love with Viola, this creates a love triangle.

Low Comedy

-It does not require much thinking to make someone laugh. Ex: dirty jokes, sex, and bathroom humor.

  • On the movie, She's the man. both Viola and her brother Sebastian flash everyone at the soccer game to prove their genders.
  • On 12th night, Malvolio, a guy who also has a crush for Olivia, dresses in yellow cross-gathered stockings to impress her. "Remember who commended thy yellow stocking, and wish to see thee ever cross-gartered." (2,5,144)

Farce comedy

-most easily identified by the devices that drive the (predictably improbable) plot: mistaken identity, coincidences, and mis-timings.

  • 12th night- When Cesario (Viola), says "Then think you right: I am not who I am" (3,1) to Olivia who is trying to seduce him.
  • She's the man- When Duke & Toby meet Sebastian (Viola) at Cesario's pizza place. Duke and the others are not sure if Sebastian is really a man so they try not to interact with him. Out of nowhere, Sebastian's girls go running to him and he keeps them blowing them off, like he don't want nothing to do with them. After that, Sebastian (Viola), is accepted by Duke and the other soccer players.

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High Comedy

-This includes both comedy of manner like insults, and comedy of ideas which is based on arguments about politics, religion, sex, marriage.

  • On the 12th night, the clown said, "Well, God give them wisdom that have it; and those that are fools, let them use their talents.
  • In She's the man, Duke Orsino, on the game against their rivals, he was insulting the goal keeper of the other team. He was saying how the keeper was going to cry after he gets hit in the face and get that win.