Secondary Social Studies

District Professional Learning: February 15, 2016 8:00-11:00


  • 8:00 Sign in! (Sign In Sheets are located in Dept. Chair's room or other designated room.)
  • 8:00-8:15 Meet with partner/PLC group and view/discuss the expectations for your work today. Short videos are embedded into this SMORE to help with planning. View as needed.
  • 8:15-11:00 Work with your PLC to complete at least one lesson plan for a lesson cycle and submit.

Your Task for Today

Today, your goal is to use the Planning for Learning Protocol to create at least one lesson plan cycle. Note: These plans will be shared, so write this lesson using specifics so that others can follow it. Also remember to include any needed attachments with your plan.

Please post the lesson plan(s) in Eduphoria under the February 15th date, which will serve as a placeholder. You will then be able to copy and paste it into whatever date you plan to teach that/those lesson(s).

In the resources section below, you will see videos that will help you should you need a refresher on the Planning for Learning protocol or on Forethought. There are also examples of lesson plan templates below for the workshop model (Whole-Part-Whole) of instruction, Please utilize them or something similar for your work today.


Social Studies Planning for Learning Template

Social Studies Planning for Learning

Leading TEKS(s):

Essential question:


Student Centered Work






If applicable, what Kagan/SIOP strategies and structures will be implemented?

Key Vocabulary:

Debrief of Learning

Evidence of Learning:

Lesson Plan in Google

Eduphoria and Planning For Learning Protocol Information Below

Planning for Learning Protocol

If you need a refresher on the Planning For Learning Protocol, please feel free to watch the video.
Planning for Learning Protocol
If you need a refresher on Planning in Forethought, please watch the video below.
Planning in Forethought