By: Kayden Jeffrey

Capital Name

Buenos Aires
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Significance of Flag

Tribal flag with blue and white strips with sun in the middle. The flag can represent multiple things.
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Presidential system. President is Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, nee Christina Fernandez.


The currency is named peso. 1 US dollar is equivalent to 8.78 pesos.
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Geographical Features and Tourist Sites

Iguazu Falls of the most popular attractions and was named one of the 7 wonders of the world. Aconcagua Mountain is the most popular mountain to see towering around 23,000 feet. Pampas is a free roaming grassland that ranges from Buenos Aires to Santa Fe.


The main language is Spanish. The second most is Voseo which is a native language.


Argentina is has the highest recorded literacy rate at 98%.

Popular Foods

Popular foods include asado, dulce de leche, and empanadas.