Agriculture career- Vet

By Chris Counts

I want to be a vet because its really fun and it takes care of sick animals. Who wouldn't want to be in a job that pays well, is fun, and takes care of animals.

The hourly rate of a vet is between $19.65 - $65.93.

A vet needs to know a certain type of medicine which is DVM.

The licences requirements for being a vet you must pass the vet licences exams and any additional state exams.

The average annual salary for a vet in 2013 is $96,140.

Veterinarians look after the health and well-being of animals. Vets diagnose , treat and help prevent disease and injury in animals. Most vets concentrate on at least one field such as small animals, horses, or livestock. Many also focus on special interests within these fields, such as surgery, medicine and dentistry.

When a vet wants to be in medicine it takes 4 years to finish.