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Week of November 17th - November 21st

Thursday November 20th will be an Open House. Spend a day in the life of a 6th grader! See what your child studies in each of the core classes. This is not a time for teacher/parent conference but you can schedule one for a later time. Book Fair will also be open.

Book Fair starts this Monday. Students will preview on Monday during their social studies class. The Fair will last all week. The library will be open from 5:00 - 7:30 on Open House night (Nov. 20th) for Book Fair.

Wednesday, November 26th will be an Early Release Day.

Thursday and Friday, November 27th and 28th will be Thanksgiving Break.

Math Snacks: Bad Date
Unit Rate by Shmoop

Vocabulary Words for Week of November 17th and November 24th

ratio - a comparison of 2 or more numbers

proportion - an equation showing two ratios are equal

equivalent ratios - equal ratios

unit rate - a rate that uses the number 1

rate - a ratio comparing two numbers with different units

proportional reasoning - being able to use the concept of proportions when analyzing and solving a mathematical situation

percent - part of 100

equivalent fractions - equal fractions

cross products - the products of diagonal numbers in a proportion

Students will get the words on Wednesday. They will have 2 weeks to study the words because of Thanksgiving break. The vocabulary quiz will be on December 3rd.

Would you like to get a text message from me telling you what your child has for homework each night?

Each night, I will send you a text message showing what that night's homework will be. Here are the instructions for signing up:

For 1st Core: Text "@ellis1st" to 678-228-8464

For 2nd Core: Text "@ellis2nd" to 678-228-8464

For 3rd Core: Text "@ellis3rd" to 678-228-8464

For 4th Core: Text "@ellis4th" to 678-228-8464