Which religion will you choose


Jews believe in 1 god (monotheism) named Adonia or God of Abraham. the common figure is Abraham who pushed away everyone's negativity who didn't believe in him. Adonia gave him the TeNaKh or the holy book of Judaism. Every Jew must believe in the commandments which tell you how to worship your god and live a moral life. you must also pray for forgiveness. The Torah Laws show you how how to live your life and how to improve your life. The Jews practice in a Synagogue on Saturday taught by a Rabbi. Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed are all sects to this religion. Yom Kippur is a important holiday where you fast, only eat apples dipped in honey, wear all white, and pray all day long. The Torah is where you give to the poor and needy. Also Hanukkah is an important holiday to the Jewish religion. Jerusalem is the holy city of the scared prophets.