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October 16, 2015


Our Awesome Educator of the Week is:

Kelly Fischer

The future is ours because of what you do

Now you get the Lucky Longhorn Spot too!

The Future Is Ours...

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Formative Assessments:

Here's a strategy you can try....


A process in which students collect information about their own learning, analyze what it reveals about their progress toward the intended learning goals and plan the next steps intheir learning.

Last Week I shared:

3-Minute Pause

The Three-Minute Pause provides a chance for students to stop, reflect on the concepts and ideas that have just been introduced, make connections to prior knowledge or experience, and seek clarification.

Trainings & Curriculum Updates

In an effort to keep you fully informed I'm including a link to the Curriculum Courier (admin newsletter). This link will give you access to current and past issues of the newsletter. The Courier will provide you with pertinent information for your grade and content area. Although some weeks are more informative than others you should try to review it regularly.

Curriculum Courier will be updated this coming Monday so please check this link next week.

District meetings:

Skye to Library Meeting on 10/22 @11:30

Kelly to Global Connections Meeting on 10/29 from 4-5:30

Maureen to Lit Conference on 11/2 & 11/3

Coaching Meeting on 11/4

Content Specialist Meetings on 11/12

Annelise to AP Meeting on 11/12

Cacey to Art Conference on 11/12 & 11/13

Becki to Nurse's Meeting 7:30-9 on 11/18

Annelise to Training 9-11 then Gema from 1-4 on 11/19

Jan to Counselor's Meeting on 11/19

KN2K (Knows & Need to Knows)

IT's TOY (Teacher of the Year) TIME!!!!

  • The TOY timeline is here.
  • The TOY presentation is here.
  • The TOY Nomination form is here.

Please think about who you would like to nominate for this honor. We have had some fantastic representatives in the past but we have plenty more fantastic educators that are deserving of this title. :)

2015 Lakeside Red Ribbon October 26th- 30th

Leadership council Dress up Days

I believe in Me- Smart, Strong and Healthy!

Monday- Mix match day- “don’t get mixed up in bad choices.” Wear Mixed matched clothes, socks…

Tuesday- Team up against Drugs! Wear your favorite team jersey

Wednesday- Western day! Lasso bad habits

Thursday- Our future is Bright! Dress in neon colors and wear sunglasses

Friday- Red day – Longhorns are “red”y to be smart, strong and healthy!

(Assembly schedule) Red Ribbon Walk- directly following announcements: all students will walk the Lakeside perimeter and conclude at 8:15 in the front of school.

Healthy snacks will be served by community members.

Clarity Survey information was sent out by Megan - It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and should be completed by October 22nd. Parents also received a survey in Just the Facts this week.

Character Education - Thanks for your hard work and valuable input on Wednesday!


Brain Pop and Tumble Books have been ordered :)

*Please set up you Brain Pop account - I will change the main password and login TODAY


19) Kaitlynn Returns! plus Staff Meeting

  • On the agenda Character and Behavior RtI
  • Snacks from PTO

20) Carla & Liz to Transformation In Action Visits plus Gema to Principal's Meeting

21) The Gift of Time for K, 1, 4 and SpEd :)

22) 3rd grade Program

23) End of the First Nine Weeks and SPIRIT RALLY

  • New to Lakeside? Please ask your team leaders where to go, what time to arrive, where to sit and what to expect for your first Spirit Rally.

26) STAFF MEETING MONDAY - The Gift of Time :)

26-30) Red Ribbon Week (see notes above)

27) Grades Due and Gema to Principal's Meeting (UbD training is a part of my agenda)

28) The Gift of Time for 2,3, and 5 :)

29) SO MUCH:

  • Scarecrow Parade**
  • First grade field trip to the Zoo
  • New to Lakeside? Make sure you ask a buddy what the first two things mean.


30) Red Ribbon Walk (see notes above)

  • and 2nd grade Poetry Celebration (please create and use a Google Doc RSVP)
  • plus Report Cards go home

31) Cardboard Challenge



2) STAFF MEETING MONDAY - The Gift of Time (*If a committee needs to meet they can)

4) Picture Retakes

4-6) SKY RANCH: (Cindy & Lisa will join 5th grade)


10) Gema to Principal's Meeting

11) Veteran's Day

12) 1st grade Program

13) 4th grade Fine Arts Field Trip and 2nd grade to the BEC plus Dad's Club Campout

16-20) BOOK FAIR (Skye will share a detailed schedule in the coming weeks)

17) Gema to Principal's Meeting

19) Kinder Feast



"Character is the noblest of possessions.”- Unknown

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” - Einstein

Happy Birthday


6) Kathy White and Maureen Salmon

26) Becca Conn

Walking Wednesday is Back...

If you choose to participate please be sure to adhere to Cindy's guidelines :)

Walking Wednesday (with warm-ups and a college/Lakeside tee) SignUp

One thing Cindy did not mention is that even though jeans are already a Wednesday option warm-ups (an even more dressed down option) are a perk. Plus a healthy heart. <3

Denim Days...

Wednesdays will be College Days for staff and students

Fridays with a Lakeside or CISD Tee

Thursdays during CHS FOOTBALL SEASON with the CISD Education Tee