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Welcome Back!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year

Hello Martin City Families!!! I am Dana Green, Assistant Principal for Martin City Elementary School. I am so excited to meet all of you and experience this academic school year with you. 2020 has met with some very challenging moments, however, we are entering into a very unique and potentially amazing journey full of creative and innovative ways to engage students in learning. At the core of these difficult times, student achievement and student development remain our priority! Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we all are navigating these new times! I can assure you, that your students teachers have been working extremely hard to ensure that your students have an amazing school year, even if it looks different from previous years.

Below I have attached some information that will get your school year moving in the right direction. Please take a moment to review. See you September 8th...on the ZOOM!!!

lhttps://bit.ly/2G7sbf3 Use this link to get connected to the District's Canvas. The information will ensure you get connected to Canvas and Clever to access all learning content and information.

A Student Helpdesk will be available for support. Please call 816-316-4650 or email helpathome@grandviewc4.net for assistance.

MCES - COVID-19 Response:

Virtual Learning At-a-Glance


Learning Schedule for Grades K-5

Our students, families, and teachers will utilize Canvas and other online learning resources and/or print materials as deemed necessary by grade-level and administrative teams. These resources include but are not limited to accessing online text resources such as iReady, Raz Kids, Khan Academy, and Eureka Math. Using Canvas, teachers and students will communicate, participate in discussions, share work/assignments, and continue to build relationships.

In each of the Core classes, students will utilize Canvas to receive instruction and to complete learning opportunities their teachers have prepared for them. They will likely meet in a synchronous classroom (at the same time) using Zoom two or three times per week in each class. On the other days, they will access the virtual learning the teachers provide and continue to complete work and submit per the teachers’ instructions.


In addition to the work on Canvas, students should set a goal to read no less than 30-45 minutes per day. Set a purpose for the reading. Consider one or more of the following as a daily focus:

  • Characters and the way they change or stay the same throughout the story

  • Making predictions

  • Learning new vocabulary words using context clues

  • Author’s purpose - why did they write this story/article?

  • Summarizing - identifying important details

  • Analyzing theme or tone by looking at language and word choice

  • Flocabulary, Raz Kids, Reading A-Z, Nearpod, SeeSaw


Some additional writing resources for daily enrichment or review might include:

  • Daily response writing to a book/article/online web page or other content the students are reading

    • Summary

    • Character development

    • Predictions

    • New vocabulary

    • Paragraph written and a picture

    • Drawing with a couple of sentences describing what they have drawn

    • New Resource Being a Writer lessons and skills


Additional resources for daily enrichment and review include:

  • Online access to Eureka Math (lessons, videos, and resources)

  • Khan Academy

Number talks will be a daily requirement.


Additional resources for daily enrichment and review include:

  • Flocabulary

  • Nearpod

  • Khan Academy

  • Project Lead the Way activities

  • Gimkit

  • Virtual Field trips

Social Studies:

Additional resources for daily enrichment and review include:

  • Book study or stories

  • Mini-Qs (DBQs - Document-Based Questions)

  • Content-area readers

  • Hands-on History

Special Education:

Students in the SPED department will have access to their classroom work through Canvas. Teachers will also be using Zoom as a means to meet with the class. The SPED teachers will utilize break-out rooms to support small-group instruction during the Core (CWC) classes and will have their own Zoom meetings for their Resource Room Classes.


Students will access ongoing-instructional tasks through Canvas. Teachers will utilize various resources to share the various expectations/assignments:


  • Fitness tasks

  • Challenges

  • Health-related reading/responses


  • Demonstration

  • Vocal examples

  • Instrumental support


  • Virtual art gallery

  • Sketchbooks

  • Collage

****Note that each student's teacher will provide students with a detailed daily schedule.

Sample Daily Lesson

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday




Morning Meeting or Greeting


Morning Movement (P.E), Music, or Art


Reading Class


Silent or shared reading


Chores/family choice


Social or emotional support time or Class meeting


Lunch and relax break


Math Class


Free choice time


iReady and skill review




End of the day wrap up

Sample Daily Lesson





Classroom meetings, check in, small groups, feedback, phone calls, etc.


Lunch and relax break


Building level planning, PD, PLCS, data meetings etc.


District-wide meetings

Students, & Parents/Guardians:

In order for virtual learning to be a success, buy-in from all stakeholders is imperative. Here are some things we ask of each party.

Students will:

  • Communicate with their teachers via phone, email, or Zoom.

  • Make every effort to be available during “live” Zoom meetings and access recorded instruction posted by their teachers.

  • Access posts on Canvas regularly - daily checking for new lessons/opportunities

  • Read and understand the expectations teachers post on Canvas -and- work to meet those expectations.

  • Access Canvas for all assignments, to view invitations to Zoom meetings, or to access missing work/assignments.

  • Make every effort to submit assignments on Canvas by 11:59 pm the day they are due.

  • Communicate with their teachers during the teachers’ office hours, which will be posted on Canvas.

  • Be responsible, flexible, and positive - if you have questions, ask them. Your school community will assist you.

  • Continue to challenge themselves, holding high expectations for themselves.

Parents/Guardians will:

  • Communicate with their childrens’ teachers via phone, email, or Zoom.

  • Make every effort to ensure their children are available during “live” Zoom meetings and that they access recorded instruction posted by their teachers.

  • Support their children as they access posts on Canvas on a regular basis.

  • Help their children read/understand the expectations that teachers post on Canvas - and - help them work toward meeting the expectations.

  • Ensure their children access Canvas for all assignments, to view invitations to Zoom meetings, or to access missing work/assignments.

  • Ensure their children submit their work by 11:59 pm on the date it is due

  • Communicate with teachers during the teachers’ office hours, which will be posted on Canvas.

  • Be responsive, flexible, and positive - if you have any questions, ask them.

  • Hold high expectations for your children as you continue to challenge them.

We look forward to an amazing 2020-2021 school year! See you on the ZOOM!

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