Learning Goals and Scales

Train-the-trainer module, Department of Professional Growth

Learning Goal Target:

Participants will be able to:

Create student friendly learning goals from content standards and scales detailing the progression of knowledge necessary for student mastery of the standards.

Discuss routines for tracking student progress using a scale and its targets.

The first step is to unpack the standards:

  • Group the standards using the Florida State Standards

Organize the Scale:

  • Write goal(s) for the unit of instruction with scale(s).
  • Create targets to reach toward the goal.
  • Break targets into chunks of critical information.
  • Create daily learning targets, assessments, activities, and assignments that correlate to the scale.

Implement the Scale:

  • Communicate the learning goal(s) and scale(s) to the students.
  • Use the scale(s) to track student progress towards the learning goal(s) and celebrate success.

How To Create a Learning Goal and Scale


1. Unpack the standard(s) you’d like to address.

2. Create a well-crafted learning goal based on the standard(s).

3. Identify complex causal relationships and the goal’s simpler and more complex content.

4. Place the content for the learning goal in Level 3.0. This is the knowledge and skills needed to show mastery of the standard. It is the same cognitive complexity level of the standard (3.0).

5. Place the foundational content in Level 2.0. This is the knowledge and skills that build to the standard. It is a level of cognitive complexity below the standard (3.0).

6. The Score 4.0 level should state the following phrase, "In addition to score 3.0 performance, the student demonstrates in-depth inferences and applications that go beyond what was taught." You do have the option of placing the more complex content in Level 4.0. This is designed for cognitively complex tasks. It is the knowledge and skills that go above and beyond the standard (3.0).

7. The Score 1.0 level should state the following phrase, "With help, partial success at score 2.0 content and score 3.0 content." You do have the option of placing the prerequisite knowledge and skills in Level 1.0, but it isn't required.

8. Articulate and teach the scale to your students.

9. Monitor for understanding.

10. Use it along with the students to track their progress.

Presentations to use with your staff:

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