Aerospace Engineering

By: Seth Elledge

All in a day of an Aerospace Engineer

In the past, Aerospace Engineers have spent countless hours in workshops designing and building planes and spacecraft. Today Aerospace Engineers spend more time in offices designing and testing their designs on computers thanks to the advancement in technology over the years. But once they've decided on a design and they've put it through countless simulations they go to the workshop to built the product.

The starting salary

At the entry level, an Aerospace Engineer makes around $71,859. This is more than what the average Engineer makes. The potential salary for Aerospace Engineers working for the Federal Government is $110,860. This amount is above what the average Engineer will hope to make, but still not the highest paying Engineering job.

Education Requirements

The entry level positions for Aerospace Engineers require a Bachelors' degree. There are many programs across the country that offer up to a Doctorate degree in Aerospace Engineering.