Local News Update


Tahir-ul-Qadris sit in has forced the government to post pone a 2 day meeting of commerce ministers of pakistan. The country of Afghanistan, and Iran have schedule the meeting in Islamabad on january 18-19. This has been the 3rd time these talks have been put off. Pakistan has proposed February 10-11 for a trilateral meeting. Ministers of commerce from these 3 countries will make way for steps for enhancing economic cooperation.

Last more than one hundred children died in the cold winter weather in numerous refugee camps that surround the Afghan capital. A Mr. Mohammad has a small mud shelter covered with only a tattered tarpaulin roof. This is the typical conditions for families in the camp. Most people in the camp haven't eaten for 2-3 days. This camp where Mr. Mohammad lives is twenty miles from the capital. We hope help is on the way

Is the war really won in Afghanistan? Not without U.S. troops. The reality is that thought the U.S. is arguably making lots of progress we are a long way from are main goal. After years of increased violence enemy initiated attacks fell 7% from January to February 2012.Retired Lt. Gen jim Dubik estimates 23,000 28,000 troops will be needed to keep the calm and takeout high level targets.


In Afghanistan a team of suicide bombers had attacked a spy's office injuring 33. There were 6 bombers that went in. They had blown up a van in the parking lot before they went in. The blast was so big it shattered windows from buildings in the block.

The dad of a kid set out for some firewood his son had came out of the hut with no shoes and not enough clothing on to keep him warm. when the father came back the kid was dead from the cold weather.

The U.S. Marine Corps of engineering are trying to build a law enforcement with the 1.28 billion dollars they can build a big enough building to stop wars.


Currently in Iran and the United States we are in the middle of a cyber-war.A hacktavist group called,"Izz-Ad-Din-Al-Qassam" have been attacking U.S banks online and hacking into people's accounts.Tracy.Kitten quotes that,"No United States bank is safe right now."People are starting to wonder if it's the U.S military's job,or if it's the banks job to defend the bank accounts.

Then,the weather hasn't been all that great in Iran either.About 50 Iranians were stranded in a Damascus airport because of bad weather.Syrian rebels had been holding these 50 Iranians captive and then freed them at the airport.The Iranians had been in captivity for many months and were not able to escape because of the bad weather and the strong winds.

Lastly,Iran has been talking about testing,exploring,and creating nuclear weapons.They have even started to develop working on a missile that stretches to Israel.The United States and it's allies are afraid that Iran will soon be able to develop nuclear weapons with the large amount of uranium located in Iran.