NCCAT Teacher Leadership Institute

Wilson County Schools

Ocracoke - Oct. 16-19, 2015

Standard I of The North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards requires that teachers demonstrate leadership that extends beyond their own students. They should mentor other teachers, work to advance the profession, advocate for positive change in policy and practice, and participate in the implementation of educational initiatives. Those duties, however, are more often associated with administrators. One of the grand ironies of education is that the most effective practitioners are often rewarded with promotions that take them away from their practice. If ambitious, creative, effective teachers could remain in the classroom while still finding means to have a school- or district-wide impact, the entire system would benefit. Teacher leaders will examine their work settings and their roles in them. Teachers will develop means to integrate intellectual growth and leadership skills into their classrooms and those of their colleagues, as well as explore the many options open to classroom teacher-leaders. They also will step out of their comfort zones to engage with the US Coast Guard to examine their teamwork and leadership models. Teachers will work toward creating an action plan for attaining a necessary outcome at their school or district level. This seminar is made possible by a generous grant from BB&T.

Instructional Outcomes

    • identify and discuss ways you demonstrate leadership in your classroom, school, and the teaching profession.

    • identify and discuss ways you lead by advocating for students and the school.

    • identify and discuss ways to process change and how to make the most of the challenges and opportunities within a fast changing world of education.

    • identify and begin developing a plan to create a necessary outcome at your school or district level which demonstrates teacher leadership.

    • connect with other teacher leaders across the state to form supportive networks using interactive technology.

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First things first...introductions

So that we can make the most of our time at NCCAT--as well as build supportive networks with other educators across Wilson County--let's get to know one another. Please click here to share where you live and 3 things about yourself - the 3 P's - using an online tool called Padlet. Please share one thing Professional, Personal, and Peculiar, as well as leadership positions you have held or currently hold.

Seminar and NC Ferry Schedules

Click here an updated seminar schedule. Click here for a NC Ferry schedule.

Teacher Leadership Resources

Below are several links to leadership resources for you to explore as we prepare for our session at NCCAT. We realize that time is extremely valuable to you but hope you will benefit from reviewing these resources. If you have comments or questions about these resources--or would like to share any yourself--please email NCCAT Center Fellow Alton Ballance, at and I will add those resources below.

Standard 1 North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards

Great Teachers Don't Always Want to Become Principals

U.S. Coast Guard Leadership Model: Character in Action

U.S. Coast Guard personnel from the Motor Lifeboat Station in Hatteras will be joining us for a session to share their leadership model and how their branch of service has to be resourceful and do more with less. They will also explain how young people only a few years out of high school are trusted to operate boats in challenging weather like the one pictured below. For a video of the 47 foot motor lifeboat's heavy weather operational capability click here. For videos of women in leadership positions in the U.S. Coast Guard click here and here.
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Understanding Teacher Leadership

Please read Chapter 1 from Marilyn Katzenmeyer and Gayle Moller's book Awakening the Sleeping Giant: Helping Teachers Develop as Leaders (click here). We will discuss this chapter during the seminar.

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Leadership Reflection Questions

Please reflect on the questions below since these topics will surface during our weekend together. If you'd like to comment on any of these questions before coming to Ocracoke please email NCCAT Center Fellow Alton Ballance, at

  1. What qualities does a good leader possess?
  2. What is the role of character in leadership?
  3. How do we cultivate caring relationships and build strong alliances - upon which teamwork and leadership depend?
  4. How do we promote team over self?
  5. How do we make change the norm and continue sailing uncharted waters?
  6. What are the most effective ways for teacher leaders to have an impact on emerging education issues?
  7. How do we empower our students with responsibility - even at their young ages- so the will eventually become leaders who will change the world?