Blandings Turtle


The blanding turtle lives in a lot of different places like lakes, pools, slow flowing streams, mashes , and swamps. But they like for the water that is rich and has a lot of vegetation. The blanding's turtles can live up to 70 years old and they can have up to 6 to 20 eggs every 2 to 3 years. But they also have low survival rates just like any other turtle. Both male and femail can traval a lot on land.

Sporting Details

There Diet

They eat mostly snails, insects, frogs, crayfish, and some of these animals are being eaten by other animals. And that is why the blandings turtle is not getting the nutrientes that it needs to survive .

Why are they going extinct and how can I help?

When the turtles are coming out of hibernation in the spring there often hit by cars. Also humans are destroying the turtles habitat. A blandings turtle don't often reproduce until they are 18 years old. And there babies are ding eaten by raccoons, foxes, and skunks. I can help by getting turtle crossing sines in areas around where they are hibernating. I can also no mess with there habitat from October until spring.