May 16th - May 20th

Weekly Announcements

Happy Monday!

  • Certificate Ceremonies will occur all week. Please do not come into the cafeteria in the afternoons- assemblies are occurring there.
  • Please check certificates- double check that all your kids have a certificate :)
  • when certificate ceremonies are over, please exit the cafeteria all the way to your classroom. we have lunches or bus dismissal, families cannot stay in the cafeteria.
  • RAPS and iready diagnostics are occurring this week!
  • Please let me know if you and your class will be attending the 6th grade promotion.
  • In class activities- please make sure the office gets a copy of the flyers you send home to families. We get a lot of phone calls- please help us deliver the right message.

2016-2017 School Year

In preparation for next year...

  • we will be putting our computer lab back into the lab (Franklin's Room)
  • I am working on new room assignments for some of you. I will talk to you.
  • I will also invite Manny to our staff meeting to review end of year clean-up and check-out. For example- all staples out of all the walls, everything comes off the walls-etc.
  • Myriam and I will have a comprehensive checkout list for you.
  • Please be preparing your student files:
a. last math unit test
b. writing sample (last ELA test?)
c. data folders- maybe next year's teacher could begin the data talks with your


We won't begin to take things off the walls until the last week of school. Environment influences behavior- please stay focused on reading,writing, EiE and math instruction. Thank you :)

May Birthdays!

Margie Cisneros - 1st
Tanaya Matthews - 22nd
Melody Duke - 27th
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