Guns?..control?.....or keep?

should guns be controlled or kept the same?

Death By Guns Yearly

over 30000 people die yearly from guns. From 1999 to 2013 there were 464,000 deaths from guns. And not even that , about 5 woman are killed by guns each day in the U.S during a domestic dispute.

Most injuries and deaths occur during a gun involved

at least %50 of the 62 shootings between 1982 and 2012 when high capacity magazines were used in mass shootings the death rates rose by %63 and injuries rose by %163. so if people didn't have guns or more strict rules on guns crime deaths and injuries would be decreased by a great percentage.

background check ?

As much as 40% of gun sales are undocumented private party gun sales. This also means that these weapons could've been sold to criminals or people with unclean records which is a very dangerous to other citizens. Even 90% gun owners don't agree with the fact about selling weapons to the ill so these gun laws need to be more strict.