2016-17 Registration Drive

Classical Conversations of Burien


This is our last community day before March. Please remember to bring your registration forms and fees to hold your spot. If you do not bring them this week, you will need to arrange a time to get them to me before March 1. After March 1st, no spaces will be held and I will consider new families for any available space.

**If you are interested in transferring to the West Seattle campus should it open for 2016-17, please let me know that this is your intention and I will keep a list for Kara. If you would like to hold your place in Burien until there is something solid for W. Seattle, you may submit a registration form to me to hold your space, and I will transfer you if the new campus opens. However, if your intention is to transfer, please fill out a NEW membership form: https://ccmm.classicalconversations.com/PDFs_web/2016-2017-F&E-Reg-Form-New-Families.pdf

instead of a returning family form. This will help provide the new campus with all necessary information. **

2016-17 CC Burien Registration

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 12-2pm

11659 1st Avenue South

Seattle, WA

Existing Families Registration Opportunities

I will be hosting a registration drive during lunch/recess time on Thursday, February 25.

What to bring?

1. Completed Returning Family membership form: https://ccmm.classicalconversations.com/PDFs_web/2016-2017-F&E-Reg-Form-Returning-Families.pdf

2. Three checks

--1st for Registration: current date,Foundations/Essentials cost: $85/ 1st child, $55/ additional children PER PROGRAM (This check will be deposited immediately)

--2nd for Facility/Supply: post date May 1, Foundations: $100 per child ($50 for supply, $50 for facility); Essentials $30 per child ($20 for supply, $10 for facility)

--3rd for Tuition: post dated July 1, Foundations/Essentials: $335 per child PER PROGRAM

(These checks will be deposited after the post dated date.)

**Challenge A Families - you will only submit the membership form: https://ccmm.classicalconversations.com/PDFs_web/2016-2017-CHALLENGE-Reg-Form.pdf

Fees will be collected by the Director/Tutor when (s)he is hired.

Registration Fee MUST be submitted in order to hold your spot for next year!

Please also submit post dated checks for supply/facility and tuition.

More information

I will set up a table with my computer so I can collect membership forms, update enrollment online and accept payment. I will be available between 12 and 1 for registration acceptance and questions. Please try to submit your registration on one of these two days. However, if, for some reason, you are unable, you have until February 29 to submit registration and not lose your space for next year.

If you plan to switch communities if West Seattle opens, please hold off until the end of the month to submit your paperwork and payment. It will make it easier for us, if you are able to submit directly to the new community. If things are not in place by the end of the month, you should submit the registration to me to hold your spot and then I will handle changes as things are set.

Example Payment

Chang Family

Registration: $85 (FND 1st child) + $55 (FND 2nd child) +( $85 ESS) = check for $225 total dated Feb. 4

Supply & Facility Fee: $100 (FND supply x 2) + $100 (FND facility x 2) + $20 (ESS supply) + $10 (ESS facility) = check for $230 dated May 1

Tuition: $335 x 3 (2 FND, 1 ESS) = check for $1005 dated July 1

An insurance fee will be assessed once we have a total number of students enrolled in all programs for the community. This fee will be charged per family. This year it was $25 per family. I anticipate that it will be a similar charge. This fee will not be known until later in the spring/early summer and will be due sometime in August.