Bulldog Counseling News

Sept/October 2020

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This newsletter's purpose is to share events and information from the Counseling Department. Please contact your counselor should you need further or specific information. Here is a link to our Bowie Counselors.

Welcome, Bulldogs!

Welcome to a new school year. It's hard to believe we're already in our third week of school. Students have described it as "the weirdest year ever," "chill," and "a good segue to college." Clearly we all know it's not what we signed up for. Our Bowie community is strong and united; together, we can do this!

Here's to an excellent year, to looking for the best and finding it, to seek positivity while we all grow in ways expected and unexpected. Here's to a year of compassion and strength, understanding and resilience, and mostly, here's to our Bulldogs!

Counselor Welcome Video

Concentrating on the world of virtual learning, the counseling team put together these ideas to help make this a strong and successful year. Please have a look here!

We've Been Busy: Senior and 9th Grade Meeting Info

Senior Meetings

The counselors recently wrapped up senior conferences the week of September 14th - 18th. Each fall, counselors meet with Seniors during English classes for Senior Conferences. During Senior Conferences, we present information about graduation requirements as well as options for after graduation. After our presentation, we invited all 678 seniors to meet with us individually via Zoom to review their credits, graduation plans and next steps! Anyone who missed the first meeting will be invited to another meeting next week. If you have questions about your student’s graduation plan, please reach out to the counselor. If you have college and career questions, please reach out to our college and career advisor, Ms. Valverde.

9th Grade Meetings

Counselors also met with all freshmen the week of September 21st - 24th to discuss their four-year plans. Counselors shared information about various courses and pathways at Bowie, and we asked students to consider which courses they want to take over the next four years. Please note that these plans are not the same as course selection, and they can update their plan at any time. For more information, check out the BLEND Page: 4-Year Planning page. You can also familiarize yourself with the Graduation Requirements, Bowie Course Offerings, Career and Technology Pathways, Course Videos, and Course Levels. If you have any questions about this information, please contact your student’s counselor.

Virtual Learning Tips

We are off to a great start, but we know navigating this new virtual world will be full of ups and downs. We’re in this together. We have assembled a Virtual Learning Tip Sheet with study skill tips including links and videos. We can do this, Bulldogs!

Twilight Credit Recovery Registration Now

Twilight is going virtual!

Twilight (formerly called Summer School Now) will start Monday, 9/28. Twilight classes will meet before or after school, twice a week, and will run through Thursday, 12/3. If your student is missing credit for part B semester (the spring semester) of a course, they can recover credit in Twilight. Students are required to attend each scheduled session. Twilight courses will be taught by Bowie teachers through Zoom. Once successfully completed, students will receive a 70 for the course.

If you think your child needs Twilight, you can register here by completing this Google form. If you have questions, please reach out to your child’s counselor for information.

Mental Health Reminders

We are almost in our second month of school! As academic pressure mounts, it is important to take care of your mental health. Prioritizing self care is a good way to deal with the added stress of online school and the uncertainty of the future. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, we want to remind you to watch your MEDS: Mindfulness, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep. Are you fully present in your classes and conversations? Are you being active and eating healthy foods to fuel your body? Are you getting enough sleep at night and sticking to a routine? Taking care of your physical self is a great way to combat mental stress!

Even though we are in virtual school, your counselors are here to support you! Please reach out to set up a time to Zoom with us if you are having a hard time! As a reminder, our school has a school-based mental health clinic, the Vida Clinic, that is staffed with fully licensed therapists. If you think you would benefit from talking with them, fill out the form at this link to get started.

Parent-Teen Activity

Here are 80-plus Stress Busters for Teens. Perhaps teens and parents can select a few of these to try out each week. Have fun busting that stress!

BLEND Counseling Department Page - NEW!

The Bowie High School Counseling Department BLEND page is now available! All students and parents have been enrolled. On our BLEND page you will find counselor contact information, upcoming events, and numerous resources. Please make sure that your announcement notifications are turned on for this course so that you keep up-to-date on all of the great things we have planned for our students and the Bowie community.

Upcoming Events

College and Career Corner

The College and Career Center is hopping these days, even virtually.

Here is the latest Update from the College and Career Center. It includes information on:

Scholarships, Naviance, College Visits, Application Help Sessions and more. For more information, please contact our College and Career Counselor, Ms. Carli Valverde at carli.valverde@austinisd.org

Coffee with the Counselors: Sept 30

Bowie Counselors will be available to parents during three virtual sessions at 9am, 1pm, or 5pm on Wednesday, September 30th to discuss the implications of virtual learning for students on their academic mindset and goals, social and emotional well-being, and college or career planning. The conversation will help generate ideas to support students (please email your child’s counselor directly to request an appointment if you need to discuss your child’s individual circumstances or needs). Zoom links for the sessions will be posted on the BLEND page.

Level Changes: October 5-9

If you are in courses that require level changes, the opportunity to make these changes is coming soon: October 5-9. Level change forms will be available starting October 5th and due October 9th and will be available on the JBHS website and BLEND page beginning October 5th.

Reminder: once the student fills out the form, the parent needs to email the counselor approving the change. First steps, of course, are conferring with the teacher on student progress. Please reach out to the counselor if you have any questions.

Finally, a copy of the Advanced Course Acknowledgement form is here which outlines the level change expectations and philosophy.