By: Laura H, Mason B, Cheeten S, Necie R

History Of The Protests

In Yemen, the protests started to occur on January 27, 2011. These protests that were being led by the citizens of Yemen, were about making the president Ali Abdullah Saleh step down from his position. Other reasons for this protests are that people want secession to occur, and they are afraid of the Al Queda militants.

In response to these protests occurring on the Yemen streets, the government sent security forces to where the protests were being held. These security forces went and took strict measures to try to control and calm down these protests occurring in the streets.

Because of these protets, President Saleh made a speech on the following Sunday night. This speech including him trying to communicate to the people that his son was not going to take over his position. Along with this, president Saleh tried to calm things down a bit in Yemen with this speech, and also tried to stop all the protests about wanting him to step down from his position.


As of today, the former ruler of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh has stepped down from his presidential position. He finally stepped down after ruling Yemen for over 30 years. All the protests in Yemen that have happened for over a year finally caused Mr. Saleh to make this decision.

The person formerly in charge of the government was Ali Abdullah Saleh. After he stepped down, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi became the new president and is now in charge of the government.

There was not any elections held for the new president position because the power was given to Mr. Salleh vice president, Mr. Hadi.

This country now faces three main things; rural poverty, security, and most importantly the democratic transition.

International Community

The United Nations was involved in the events of Yemen. They had discussed who should be the next president of Yemen along with how to prevent the problems that have occurred in the future.

The Gulf Co-operation Council, or GCC was also involved in the events occurring in Yemen. The GCC had tried to negotiate a deal with Mr. Saleh to step down from his position of power. This council wanted him to step down because of all the protests and also because he had been in power for more than three decades already.

The United States had supported Mr. Saleh from the beginning of the protests and had wanted him to stay in his position, but then quickly changed their support for Mr. Saleh. The United States then wanted Mr. Saleh to step down from his position, and realized that he would not being the necessary changes that Yemen needs.

Would you call this a Revolution?

We do call this was a revolution. It was a revolution because the citizens of Yemen were fighting for what they believed in. These citizens did not like their president so they fought to get a new one, and they went against their government to try to get the demands that they wanted. All these factors make this a revolution. The Yemen citizens also protested for over a year to get a new president and they were successful. The former president Mr. Ali Saleh, stepped down from his position because of this revolution. The citizens of Yemen now have a new president, President Hadi.