wind energy

helpful. info on wind energy

renewable reasources

Renewable reasources are sources of energy

that cant run out and dont cause pollution

like global warming (global warming is the

after math of too much polution and waste that causes global climate change and illness).

Renewable reasources are everywhere like the

wind (wind energy) ground (geothermal energy) sun (solar energy) and water (hydro electric) and they quickly replenish themselfs so we will never run out. With the benifits of renewable reasources we can save fossil fuels as an emergancy energy source if at one point all other energy types render less powerfull or unfit for th job at hand.

what is wind energy? and how does it work?

wind energy is taking the wind through a turbine and harnessing electricity from it by hitting the turbine on a wind a windmill with wind. The turbine then starts to spin causing kinetic energy (kinetic energy is energy that moves.) the kinetic energy is then put in a generater to power it to spin the gears in the generater and create electricity.

The advantages of wind energy

The advantages of using wind energy is it doesnt pollute the air or the environmont its everlasting because its almost allways there.

Even though windmills are large they dont take up much room so you can still have room for crops or a farm also if you have a big farm it will not cost as much money to keep the animal stalls heated if you have a seperate energy source powering it.

The disadvantages of wind energy

along with advantages there are disadvantages to tagg along here are the disadvantages of wind energy.

You never know how powerful the wind is going to be it could be outstandingly low or cautionly high! so you never know if your going to have any power at all for example if you are sitting at home in a storm of very high wind speeds or with lots of wind it might be too much power and your house hold appliances might blow do to over power.