Chewing Tobacco

Don't get addicted to it!

What is tobacco?

Tobacco is a plant who's leaves are used to make cigarettes, you can also chew tobacco which is just as bad as smoking.

Would you like your jaw to look like this?

I think not! This guy in this picture has no bottom jaw. It's pretty important to have a bottom jaw, this guy will now not only be able to eat the same, also he won't be able to talk the same, nor look the same as you can tell.

What are the consequences of chewing tobacco?

Some of the consequences are; Loosing your bottom jaw(as you can see), getting cancer(in your mouth, or your throat), also, if you swallow the tobacco juice, it can cause you to loose your voice box, and even worse... have a hole in your throat.

What's inside of tobacco?

Some of the ingredients inside of tobacco are; Tobacco plant leaves, DDT[a banned insecticide(used to keep animals/insects away and help the plant grow faster, it is also a deadly poison)]

What Type of Cancer Do You Get From Chewing Tobacco?

The type of cancer that chewing tobacco can cause, is Oral Cancer(which is cancer that is in your mouth). Also, if you swallow the juice stuff, you could also get a cancer that is in your mouth.