Marine Biology

Ocean life

The study of Marine Biology has to deal with the ocean.

Marine Biology is the study of the oceans aquatic organisms, their behavior, and their interactions with the environment.

Marine biologists can discover new compounds to make medications by studying novel marine bactiria

Becoming a Biologist

To become a Marine Biologist you must have at least a bachelors degree and if you have a masters degree that would help.

Personality Trates

To be a Marine Biologist you need to love nature and the ocean, be creative, have persistence, and be curious.

A Marine Biologist makes on average about $72,000 a year

Job Growth

So far from 2012 - 2022 there has been a rise in the growth rate by 6%, From 7% to 13%

Places that you can be hired on for Marine Biology

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institution,

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and

Scripps Institute of Oceanography