DPS Innovation

What will Innovation look like at DPS?

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Our students will be innovators who utilize design thinking to produce creative solutions to complex challenges.

What is Design Thinking and why is it important?

  • “Design thinking is a creative, problem-solving process which helps people design meaningful solutions. At its heart is the ability to see a situation from someone else's point of view, engineer a solution, and test it out to see how your solution works for them. The empathy required in the process is an essential skill for people working through any type of design process. Through design thinking, students understand their world by being able to see how it is put together and how the parts of any system or problem can be reinvented.” Design 39

What is Design Thinking?

  • When students practice design-thinking projects in the classroom, they not only master the concepts within the project, they exercise their skills of collaborating with teammates, investigating their topic thoroughly, using empathy to generate ideas for solutions, prototyping, and testing. Most importantly, they learn that failure is not a setback. This activity fosters the lifelong skill and mindset that learning new things to help solve problems is part of day-to-day practice and no longer confined to the classroom. Because this quest for knowledge is self-initiated and involves the direct application of learned skills, the retention of information that kids have as a result of this process is significantly higher. Mindshift

What is Design Thinking (2015)

What are Double Peak School's Design Thinking Steps?

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DPS Design Thinking Workshop

The following was created to give Double Peak Staff an overview of Design Thinking and a lesson they could use and adapt in their classrooms. It highlights using children's literature to teach design thinking and provides examples at the end of some of Design 39's design thinking lessons and Design Challenges.

**This is for staff and PTO Innovation team only- do not have permission to publicize or make copies outside of DPS**

What does Design Thinking look like in the classroom?

Making Things Better: Design Thinking in the Classroom
Design Thinking Teacher Training Video // Part 1 of 2
Design Thinking Teacher Training Video // Part 2 of 2
Design Thinking in Middle School

Research behind Design Thinking

Rinat Aruh: Design Thinking in Early Education
Design Thinking - Taught by Theresa McGee