How do Sports Help Your Child?

Academically, Emotionally, socially

Academic Benefits

Studies show that athletes have on average a higher G.P.A, higher standardized test scores, higher attendance, and are even more likely to attend college then those who do not participate in sports.

This is due to the discipline that sports teach to children. Many sport teams and organizations also have rules to ensure a student performs in the classroom.

Emotional Benefits

It can be hard to be a child in today's society. signs and symptoms of depression are becoming more prevalent in the youth of today then ever before. Are sports the cure?

The two biggest things that a sport can do for your child are building confidence and reliving stress. During the time of participating in sports your child will become confident in his or her abilities. with the new found confidence who knows what they could accomplish!

Childhood has become an incredibly stressful process. and what better relief then to take out your stress on your opponent.

Social Benefits

Athletes can handle intense social challenges better then others. someone who plays sports are less likely to fall into peer pressure.

Athletes are less likely to do drugs that will inhibit there play in their sport. Female athletes are less likely to have a teenage pregnancy then a non athlete.