iPads in the Classroom

Teaching and Learning

What's so cool about an iPad?

Teachers discover how to transform teaching by utilizing iPads to engage, motivate, and to guide students. And so, technology essentially becomes a Google “hand-out”. Students can begin to connect with the outside world by using video chats such as Skype to experience virtual field trips which provide them with cultural diversity and a new perspective without leaving the classroom.

Experience the ultimate virtual field trip

Skype in the classroom takes students on the ultimate field trip

What are the advantages of using iPads for teaching and learning?

There are countless benefits of using iPads in the classroom. It can be instant, engaging, easy to use, and portable. Thus, iPads have become the new way of learning. Corey Fitzgerald with Scientific Learning hits the nail on the head on his blog which talks about what he deems beneficial with using iPads in schools. And so, teachers and leaders can agree that technology in the classroom has become one of the most important tools in education of the 21st Century.

Why are schools jumping on the iPad bandwagon?

Schools all across the Nation have taken notice to the widespread use of instructional technology and are getting involved. Why? Research shows iPads enhance student learning, and enrich their needs in many ways. Educators stay relevant by using iPads because technology is everywhere. It aids in keeping everyone up to date with what is going on in the world at a real time.
iPads in the Classroom

What can you do with an iPad?

The Teacher's iPad Spectrum introduces just a few essential ways for educators to utilize technology to improve student learning and meet the needs of the classroom.

1. Consume by using a variety of resources such as YouTube to introduce a lesson or activity before instructional teaching. PowToon’s would be another great resource for instruction while teaching a lesson that allows the educator to engage students with a video presentation.

A Powtoon Video Presentation

How To Be a Scientist
2. Collaboration is one of the four most critical elements in education that we know as the 4 C's of teaching and learning —hands down! In fact, one way to foster this important aspect would be to integrate the use of the internet to connect students globally by using iPads. There is a multitude of social sites that can be accessed within the classroom. One of my favorite ways to connect students with the world would be through educational hashtags or chats on Twitter. Teachers can follow hashtags based on grade level or subject areas.

3. Allow students to digitally explore and work together to Produce or reflect on the material learned by using their iPads. Students can recreate a story with Little Bird Tales to depict their individual understand a lesson topic or story. This provides them with a voice to share what they have learned or how they feel about what they have learned.

Little Bird Tales

How Little Bird Got His Name www.littlebirdtales.com