Points of Pride

July 18, 2017

Welcome Back!!!

Dear Settler’s Point Staff,

I hope that you were able to enjoy your summer. This time is so valuable to relax, refocus and reconnect with loved ones. I was able to take a couple of weekend trips to escape the heat and spend time with family and friends. However, with having two young kids, I have come to the realization that there are no “vacations,” only trips in this stage of life.

Please join me in welcoming our newest members to the Pride family:

  • Art Teacher: Judi Eccles will be our art teacher, and she comes very highly recommended from Quartz Hill. She has a passion for art and students that will allow her to fit in here at Settler’s.

  • Psychologist: Dr. Lindsay Balles will be taking over as the school psychologist this year. She is bringing several years of experience from the Scottsdale district and we are excited to have her full time!

I love the feeling of a new school year! Being from a sports background I often compare the first day of school with “Opening Day.” There’s always something nice about a fresh start, hope is eternal, and we are all “undefeated.” What other profession do you get to start fresh every 180 days?

I know Lana always had a theme for every school year. Who remembers the year she brought the big, hand cart that we pushed through the school? While I don’t have any props, I would like for you to join me in focusing on being intentional this school year. Instead of adding new programs and ideas to everyone’s list, let’s be intentional about what we are already doing. Let’s use our standards intentionally, and leverage high-yield strategies that will help maximize our efforts. Let’s be intentional about our use of PLC time to ensure that all students are learning. Let’s be intentional about being positive around campus and helping our co-workers. We need to be intentional about how we use professional development opportunities and staff meetings to benefit staff and students. We need to be intentional about the consequences we give students and our communication with parents to foster better relationships. Think of all that we can accomplish by being intentional in our work.

Please see the following attachment (link below) for our “Back to School,” schedule:

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back as a member of the Pride and work alongside each of you! 2017/2018 is going to be a great year!