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First Day of Fall Semester Aug 9th

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From the Main Office

Office Hours/Scheduling:
  • Office Hours 8-4 Mon-Fri
  • Summer Office Hours 8-12 Mon-Fri Beginning June 7th
  • School Calendar

Please click here to view the weekly Inspire Family Newsletter.

Return Materials to the Main Office

Please return all school materials you are not currently using (text books, computers, chrome books, etc.) to the Main Office at your earliest opportunity as to avoid fines.

ALL materials should be returned to the school by the end of the school year. All electronics will be shut off on June 1st. except for AP Students.

Seniors, unreturned materials will inhibit you from participating in Graduation activities and from receiving your diploma.

Summer School

Are you behind in credits? If so, you can earn up to 10 credits this summer!

  • Summer School Dates: June 14 to July 14, 2021
  • Time: 8am to 12:20pm
  • Location: On campus at Inspire
  • Who: 9-12 grade students that are behind in credits

¿Te gustaría recuperar créditos que te faltan para graduarte? Puedes recuperar hasta 10 créditos este verano!

  • Fechas: 14 de junio al 14 de julio, 2021
  • Horas: 8 a 12:20
  • Lugar/ubicación: En el campus de Inspire
  • ¿Quién?: Cualquier estudiante deficiente de créditos

For more information and to sign up, contact your counselor ASAP/Para más información e inscribirse, por favor ponte en contacto con tu consejero o consejera

Mrs. Teeter-

Mr. Hopkins-

Summer Yoga at Inspire

Are you behind in your PE credits? Are you not getting what you want and need from ISPE?

If so, contact your counselor and let them know you want to join Inspire's summer school Yoga class for all levels.

The class will run for four weeks and two days and run from 8:30 to noon and will consist of an online component and actual Yoga class taught by an In Motion Fitness Yoga instructor. You will be able to make up an entire semester of PE credit in 22 school days.

Email your counselor with questions or to sign up for Yoga.


Work Permits

Planning to work this summer? YOU NEED A WORK PERMIT!!!

Contrary to popular belief, even though it's summer, you still need a permit to work in the State of California. Expired work permits must be renewed for the summer.

How to get a Work Permit:

  1. Email and I will print/send you a copy of the Intent to Employ Form
  2. Get it signed by a parent/guardian & the employer... don't forget your own signature
  3. Bring that signed form to Mr. Hardy who will be able to issue you your Work Permit

Questions can be directed to Mr. Hardy.

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Counseling Office

Having trouble with school or classes?

Need to talk to about your schedule?

Is your home situation upsetting?

Let us help you sort things out.

Counseling Office Hours: Mon–Fri from 8-3


Classes Next Year:

AP Physics is being offered in place of AP Chemistry next school year. If you want to take AP Physics please let your counselor know ASAP so they can change your schedule.

Are you interested in furthering your knowledge of global understanding, social justice, social responsibility and social change? If so, let your counselor know you want to sign up to take Global Explorations/Ethnic Studies next school year.

AP Exams

If you are taking an AP Exam, you are now part of the AP Exams 2021 Schoology Group. Please check it out and make sure to download the AP Application on your school Chromebook asap. Everything you need should be in the Schoology group, but if it's not please contact Ms. Teeter.
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Alice In Wonderland

Twinkle twinkle little bat, how we’re wondering where you’re at this summer! June 15th through the 19th, Inspire School of Arts & Sciences ecstatically invites you to a most fantastical adventure. Based on the book by Lewis Carroll, a student-written, twirly whirly production of Alice in Wonderland! In the works since September 2020, this abstract fantasy world has been cunningly concocted to fanciful perfection and we are ready for you to experience the adventure with us.

Blankets are $40 for 1-4 people and you can add up to 4 more people for $5 each (8 people total). That's just $7.50 a ticket if you fill your blanket! Help us sell out just 140 spots available.

Purchase tickets and learn more HERE.


Did you not sign up for dance at Inspire because we were at the height of the pandemic? We get it! Dancing on Zoom, without touching ,socially distanced is really tough!

Shoe & Jarrah are ready to bring DANCE back Inspire style next year, but we need YOU!!! There is room at all dance levels 1 through 5 and you can earn PE credit at all levels.

  • Are you ready to start moving again at Inspire? -- (Dance 1-2)
  • Are you ready to build your skills? -- (Dance 2-4)
  • Are you ready to perform?-- (Dance 5)

Add dance to your schedule, talk to your counselor today!!! And if you're ready to create, teach, or learn these skills, sign up for Choreography or to be a Dance TA! We are excited for the return of our Dance Concerts and Showcases, our and clubs (Ulu Polynesian, Tap Ensemble, and CI Dance), and of course snow cones at DOP!!! Dance on INSPIRE!!!

Talk to Shoe or Jarrah if you have questions about placement or how to get dancing!


Do you want to get better at singing, dancing, acting, you miss doing shows!!! Well, we do too. We are excited that this summer, for 2 weeks, Inspire staff and students (and your friends from any other school) will do just that while exploring our favorite ROCK musicals!!! There are so many good ones! The program is 9AM-1PM, Monday - Friday July 12-23 with a show at the end for friends and family. This program is part of CARD, so everyone can be involved. The cost is $275, for the entire program and it will be a great way to start off next year! For more information check out our website:
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Inspire Clubs & Majors

If your club has updates please EMAIL them to me before 4pm.

Clubs are out for the Summer. Check out our Clubs & Majors for next year.

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Inspire School of Arts and Sciences Foundation Announcements and Events

Follow the Inspire Foundation page to keep up to date with events and announcements.


Inspire School of Arts and Sciences

If you need to reach the Attendance, please call (530) 891-3133 or email