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Period 7: We Got This!!

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From the Main Office

Office Hours/Scheduling:
Please Have Absences Cleared by a Parent/Guardian:

In-Person Instruction:

In-Person Instruction Students:
  • If you are registered for In-Person Instruction, you need to come to school EVERY school day. There is no switching back-and-forth option; unless you have made prior arrangements, you will be marked as absent.
  • You need to bring a Chromebook/laptop with you unless otherwise instructed.
  • You need to check into the office if you come to campus late.
  • You need to check into the office if you are leaving campus for ANY reason.

Visitors Need to Sign-In At the Front Office When Coming to Campus.

Please read our Covid Updates Page for more information on keeping our campus safe.


A Message From Our Principal/Superintendent

Mme. Brown, our Principal/Superintendent sends out the

Inspire Family Newsletter every Friday afternoon to keep parents, guardians, family and other interested parties connected to goings-on around campus especially through these uncharted and unprecedented times.


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Inspire School-wide Participation in the End the Silence Event on Thursday, April 22

Dear students:

Your Inspire teachers and staff know that this has been a hard year for you. As much as we value your academic success, we care for your social and emotional well-being. For that reason, we are thrilled to announce our schoolwide participation in the End the Silence Event on Thursday, Aprill 22 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Hosted by Butte County Office of Education and led by students, this event is designed to help young people in Butte County understand and talk about mental health and wellness, know how to get help if you need it, and how to support friends who may be struggling. The day will be a positive one, filled with activities like experiential art projects, video diaries, live music, and a World Cafe. Here are some details you'll need to know:

  • All students will attend from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Since this is different from our usual schedule, you'll need to make sure you can be present the entire day.
  • Students in distance learning will attend via Zoom from home.
  • In-person students will need to arrange transportation to be here on time at 8 a.m. and to depart at 3:00 p.m. You will attend with your 7th Period class, and will need to bring your Chromebook or laptop that day. If you have challenges with transportation, let your teacher know.
  • You will need to bring a lunch, or pick up a lunch from the Chico High cafeteria. We will eat outdoors that day from noon - 12:30.

If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email me at

I am excited to spend this day with you!

Two Important Updates for Next Week's End the Silence Event:

  1. Students and staff need to register for the event by Friday, April 16: 7th Period teachers, please take a moment and have both your in-person and distance learning kids register tomorrow. Staff need to register as well. HERE'S THE LINK
  2. Lunch will be served on campus for all students: NCVF is providing a bagged lunch for all students! Lunch will start promptly at noon, students can grab a bagged lunch and eat it outside. They can take off the masks to eat and drink, but please remind them they need to be at least 3 feet apart when eating.


NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. They have provided the following guide for help when offering mental health support:


Testing for Juniors

Each year, high school students in the 11th grade participate in the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). While the California Department of Education waived the assessments for all students last year due to COVID -19, the English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics assessments will be given this year remotely to all juniors.

Additionally, current Inspire seniors will be taking the California Science Test (CAST).

Students will be testing in two groups:

  • Students in Group 2 will test in ELA on May 5-6 and Math on 12 -13 May @ 1pm
  • Some students will be in Group 2 for both ELA and Math tests in May. These students have a math and English class for periods 7 and 8.

CAST Testing

The CAST (California Science Test) Make Up Test this TOMORROW, 20 APRIL at 1 PM.

You will need a school Chromebook and will be testing from your home. Come by the office to pick up a Chromebook if you need one.

The test Session ID number is CA-464D-286T

Zoom link is

Questions? Email Mr. Hardy:

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Counseling Office

Having trouble with school or classes?

Need to talk to about your schedule?

Is your home situation upsetting?

Let us help you sort things out.

Counseling Office Hours: Mon – Fri 8-3


Tasha Teeter -students last names beginning A-K

Marcus Hopkins – students last names beginning L-Z

Have you finished selecting your classes for next year? No! Well, you need to email your counselor and let them know what classes you want asap!

If you don't let us know what you want then we will put you in classes that we think you might like and/or need to take in order to graduate.

Butte College Concurrent Enrollment Program

About Concurrent Enrollment The Concurrent Enrollment Program allows students to enroll in college courses while simultaneously attending their high school (or lower grade) or adult education program. Credits earned through this program may be used to fulfill high school and college certificate, transfer, or graduation requirements.

Who Participates? Any student that is currently enrolled in high school (or lower grade) and/or pursuing a high school diploma or equivalent. This includes students attending noncredit or adult education programs.

Deadline for the Summer Session 2021: May 24, 2021

Questions? Talk to your counselor.

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Senior Information

Seniors, check HERE regularly for information about
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Senior Awards Night is Fast Approaching!

Please help us create an awesome Senior Awards video for this year's seniors. We need photos and short videos of Inspire Seniors. These can be school related or not school related; just make sure they are school appropriate. Click on the link here. Add your email. Then click on the [Add file] button below to upload your photos or videos for us to use in the senior awards video. Then add a description of who is in the photos and videos that you send us.
LINK: Senior Awards (We need your Photo & Video Content)
We need this photo & video content by May 30th!
Thank you!

Mr. Hall

Tie Dye

Did you get a tie dye cup and have no idea what to do with it? Join Inspire Student Government Monday the 19th or Wednesday the 21st after school to dye your inspire t-shirt. InStuGo will lead you through dying your shirts and give you instructions on how to wash it. Bring your t-shirt, dye cups, and get ready to tie dye.

If you still haven't picked up your shirts or kits, ask your 7th period teacher. If you are in Guitar this period, we have shirts and dye kits in the office.

TikTok Challenge

Attention to everyone! Yes that's you. There is a new challenge for you and your advisory, a TikTok challenge!!! We want you to make up to a minute long TikTok about your advisory, telling us you go to inspire without telling us you go to inspire or advisory choice (Dance, show us your art, make a skit...etc.). Your entries are due by APRIL 30th! For more information about this TikTok challenge go to THIS LINK!


Smith's Walking Lunches

For the month of April Miss Smith will be hosting a walk around town during lunch every Tuesday and Thursday. We will start in the Art room, IC-5 at 12:10 to take roll and then head out on a 30 minute walking adventure. Make sure you are on time as we will likely take a different route most days. If you have not yet turned in a COVID permission slip make sure you bring a signed copy with you. All students are welcome and must wear a mask! emotionally prepare yourself to walk 3’-6’ apart! Sign up here. I cannot wait!


Ceramic Studio Sign Ups

All artwork, clothing and supplies that were left in the classroom last year must be picked up by the end of 7th period. Anything that is left in the classroom on shelves will be thrown away on Friday, April 30th. Please make sure you stop by the art room during open studio time to collect your work.

The art studio will be open every Tuesday in April from 1-3pm for ceramic students who would like to glaze their pieces and for students collecting their belongings from the art room. Only 11 students will be allowed to glaze in the classroom at a time, so please sign up here.


Scotland Fringe Festival 2022

Do you love to travel? Do you love theatre? Then, the Scotland Fringe trip is for you! We're planning for Summer 2022 and the application process for students is back open. If you missed the meeting, you can watch it here for more information. Complete your application to participate HERE.

Trip application and a $500 deposit - due April 30th, 2021. If you're already signed-up for the 2021 trip, you do not need to reapply to travel in 2022. Look for an email from Mrs. Horst about updated payment and fundraising schedules.

Questions? Contact Mrs. Horst.

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Inspire Clubs & Majors

If your club has updates please EMAIL them to me before 4pm.

Student Council meets Tuesdays from 12-1. We typically spend time discussing club matters, school events, and happenings. All are welcome to join.

Meeting ID: 969 2523 2399 / Passcode: 281781

Major Information can be found by clicking HERE.


Order Your Yearbook

Submission Request!!

This week's hjeshare photo upload request:Photo Requests this week: You tie dying (on campus? at home? on zoom? with your advisory?) send a photo of you tie dying or wearing your new creation!

CLICK HERE and use the School Order # 16210 to purchase your yearbook on sale now for $85; the price will go up May 1st.

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The mission of the CalHope Crisis Counseling Program is to assist individuals and communities in recovering from the effects of Covid-19 by assisting survivors in understanding their current situation and reactions, mitigating stress, developing coping strategies, providing emotional support, and encouraging linkages with resources and longer‐term supportive services. Services include time‐limited, culturally proficient, emotional and crisis support sessions to affected populations, throughout California, that have been impacted by COVID‐19 and are experiencing negative outcomes.

Virtual counseling may be accessed through an online chat platform found at, or through the CalHope Warmline # (833) 317-HOPE (4673)

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Inspire School of Arts and Sciences Foundation Announcements and Events

Follow the Inspire Foundation page to keep up to date with events and announcements.


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Pet Appreciation Post

From Nurse Natalie:
This is my main man Winslow (10 year old bichon poodle)... his motto: Nobody should ever sit in a hammock alone :)

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The Largest Collection of Comic Books Is Nearly 102,000 Strong

If you're an avid comic book fan, there's no doubt that you'll be impressed by the collection that Bob Bretall of Mission Viejo, California, has managed to put together. In 2015, he nabbed the world record for the largest comic book collection with 101,822 unique items.
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April 19: National Garlic Day

National Garlic Day

Each year on April 19th, National Garlic Day celebrates a vegetable also known as the stinking rose. The fragrant and potent root has been seasoning dishes for thousands of years.

This stinking rose is a member of the lily family. This family also includes onions, leeks, and shallots. While garlic originated in Asia over 7,000 years ago, it is used in a variety of cuisines.

Garlic is quite versatile, too. It is also used for medicinal purposes. The mighty bulb is considered an herbal remedy for colds and may reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Modern science has also proven garlic’s antibiotic properties.

Myth and superstition reek of garlic. The most familiar one suggests that garlic wards off vampires. This same theory seemed to work on witches, werewolves, demons and other such evils one could come across. Folklore also tells us garlic grew from satan’s left footprint when he left the Garden of Eden; Greek midwives kept evils spirits away with it, and courage filled Roman soldiers who consumed the bulb.

Consider our dreams and garlic, too. Our dreams often have meaning. Dreaming of garlic is no different. To dream about garlic in the house suggests good luck and if the dream includes eating garlic (perhaps in a pesto sauce), there might be hidden secrets. Over 300 varieties of garlic grow around the world to dream about as well!

Gilroy, California claims to be the Garlic Capital of the World. Will Rogers was once quoted as saying it is “…the only place in America where you can marinate a steak just by hanging it out on a clothesline.”


April Monthly Holidays and Observances

  • World Autism Awareness Month
  • National Garden Month
  • National Humor Month
  • National Poetry Month
  • National Internship Awareness Month
  • Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
  • Stress Awareness Month
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • Scottish-American Heritage Month
  • National Soft Pretzel Month
  • National Pet Month
  • National Pecan Month
  • Distracted Driving Awareness Month
  • Keep America Beautiful Month
  • Move More Month
  • National Decorating Month
  • Couple Appreciation Month
  • International Guitar Month
  • National Kite Month

*Denotes that date changes each year


Inspire School of Arts and Sciences

If you need to reach the Attendance, please call (530) 891-3133 or email
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