Gregor Mendel

Founder of Genetics


Gregor Mendel was the founder of Genetics. He tried to figure out how inheritance of traits would work with pea plants.
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Early years

Gregor Mendel had struggles and successes through out out his life.

  • Accepted to Olomouc University
  • Recognized as a gifted child
  • His father was injured
  • Couldn't pass tough exams


Gregor Mendel used green and yellow pea plants to figure out the inheritance of traits. He decided to use one of the seven traits which was the color. Gregor Mendel crossed the pea plants coming out with different colors.
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Data and reactions

Gregor Mendel used pea plants to demonstrate heredity.

  • Not understood
  • didn't understand how pea plants were applied to organisms


Dominant trait- A trait that will overshadow over another trait. This trait will always show up.

Co-dominant trait- Two traits that are neither more dominant or recessive compared to the other.

Recessive trait- Trait that will be covered ho by a dominant trait.