On the Day I Was Born

By Ayaan

Edward VIII (History)

- Born June 23rd, 1894.

- Gave up British throne to marry Wallis Simpson.

- Edward was never crowned.

- Died May 28th, 1972

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La Dainian Tomlinson (Sports)

- Born June 23rd, 1979.

- Drafted by San Diego Chargers.

- He went to the college TCU.

- His total touchdowns are 162. His position is running back.

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Scientists Discover Selfish Gene (Science)

- Theory put forth by Richard Dawkins in 1976.

- The theory is that genes program specific behaviors and it will increasse the possibility that they will be passed on.

- Scientists study honey bee colonies have isolated the gene responsible for reproductive altruism.

- There was no evidence to back the theory up.

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KT Tunstall (Music)

- Born June 23rd, 1975

- Was a famous rock singer, songwriter, & guitarist.

- She was born in Edinburgh, UK.

- She's composed 15 songs. (Most popular song: "Black Horse & The Cherry Tree")

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