10 technology rules for parents!

Jasmeen Deol

Top 5 rules

1. Don't click on links that can lead you to a virus because virus can kill your computer

2. Never to use your really info. on the internet because it can lead to ID thief

3. Don't believe in scams and spam mail because they can get all your money

4. Always check what your kids are doing on the internet so you know about any trouble that's going online

5. Always use a long and strong password so then your account will stay safe

Top 5 rules

6. Never eat or drink when on the computer because it might spill or the food can get stuck in the keyboard

7. Don't text and drive because it can cause a accident or worse

8. Get a anti virus free program on your computer so your computer won't blackout or get taken over by a virus

9. Don't go on fraud sites to fix that problem you can get a program to alert you when your on a fraud site

10. Don't talk to people you don't know over the internet

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